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Tatiana Torres
Nerd member of many fan bases. I blog. I work. I go to the beach.
Nerd member of many fan bases. I blog. I work. I go to the beach.

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Hey guys. didn't know if any of you are into podcasts but my buddy and I started one and it would be super cool if you my fellow TNM peeps would give us a listen! we talk about the week in geeky everything (mostly tv).  we're also on itunes!

A friend of mine started a podcast. We talk about geek tv and culture . If you have an hour or so to burn.... also available on itunes!

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Happy Birthday to our fearless leader and NERD001 +Zachary Levi !!!! Here's hoping he has an amazing day full of happiness and joy!!! He has made all of our lives better through community and nerdiness!! 
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Yayyyyyyyyy 👏👏👏👏👏👏

I got Bad ass lady panel tickets!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO . (dear nerdy overlords, please let MingNa be there again. or you know Chloe. THANNNNKS) 

i will advise that not only will i trade you my 2 zac tickets i will donate an additional 20 to +Operation Smile for the Marvel tickets. I love zac and want to go but Marvel is my priority 

i have 2 tickets for zac i will trade for marvel. PLEASE 

if anyone was able to get the marvel tv panel tickets i will pay you 2x for what you paid for them. I AM SERIOUS. 

hey anyone free at 7 to help get marvel tix? or will you all be busy with supernatural? 
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