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On Twitter, @NickScholer

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Went to a screening of Young Adult tonight. It kicked ass.

One of the better films of the year.

Two movies in the last week and a half have been good enough to rank in my ongoing Top Ten of 2011.

Go see both Hugo and Carnage when you get the chance.

More people should see Observe And Report.

Go see Tower Heist over Harold & Kumar this weekend.

I liked Tower Heist...thought it would be really bad.

Watched In Time and The Rum Diary this weekend. Both were severely lacking.

I don't have anything against you, G+. I still visit on almost a daily basis. I'm just all talked out from Twitter...

Maybe if things don't work out between the big T and me, I'll give you a call.

I'll tell you why Twitter is great.

I've given (negative) opinions of both Road To Nowhere and the remake of Footloose, only to have a principle part (writer/director) of each film get back to me.

Very neat.

Just saw the Footloose remake.

It is what you think it is.

Does anyone find South Park funny anymore?

I have the first eight seasons on DVD and have continued watching through last night's episode. The last couple seasons have been painfully unfunny, for the most part...

I'm done.
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