My views on the Ubuntu Phone OS.

"Dual booting isn't really an issue. There are many scripts on XDA that can do this. People have been dual booting cyanogenmod with stock firmwares for awhile now.

Getting Ubuntu Phone OS on Nexus devices won't be that difficult. The Nexus devices are normally fairly open. But when you start dealing with other devices, the hardware tends to be locked down. Just ask anyone that has dealt with a Tegra 2 device.

As for the Ubuntu Phone OS doing well, I can't really see it happening. For one the Phone market is crowded (and getting even more crowded with Firefox OS and Tizen).

From the little that has been shown of the Ubuntu Phone OS, it doesn't seem to do anything better then what Android JB is offering. I can't see anyone choosing the Ubuntu Phone OS over JB (it has no apps and it has no voice control). Plus, give it a week or so and someone will make a launcher and lock screen that will mimic the Ubuntu Phone OS anyway.

The one thing I really do like about it is the thin client feature. I like the idea of being able to dock the device and getting a fully working PC. Motorola played around with this idea with Webtop on the Atrix. Once people worked out that it was running Ubuntu jaunty, it didn't take long until people where running a Full Desktop on the device. The main issue with Webtop was the hardware. The Atrix really should of had at least 2 GB of memory.

My biggest issue with the Ubuntu Phone OS is they have no vendors. What is the point of  making a big deal about this when they have no one making devices for it. Is it only me that remembers Ubuntu for Android?

Canonical have never been great at getting deals with hardware vendors.
For how popular Ubuntu is and for how long its been going for you would of thought getting a Ubuntu desktop or laptop would be pretty easy. But hardly any hardware vendors offer Ubuntu Devices.

I can't just go to my local Computer store and buy a Ubuntu Laptop, Tablet or Desktop.

I can't see this changing with the Ubuntu Phone OS ether. They couldn't even get a deal with hardware vendors for Ubuntu for Android. And all they where trying to do was enabling the Ubuntu Desktop on Android devices when it was docked. Now they are trying to convince hardware vendors to replace the Android OS with the Ubuntu Phone OS.

Also how well do you think Canonical will do if Apple ever decides to take them to court? I don't think they have the finance clout to be able to fight them.

Out of the 3 new phone OS's coming out, Tizen is the only one I think has any chance at succeeding as its backed by Samsung and Intel.

For the Ubuntu Phone OS to work they need to do some staff changes. Loosing John Bernard to Firefox OS is hurting Canonical. They need to find someone to replace him."
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