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Seth Jaret
Hollywood Driver & Talker. Movie producer. Media entrepreneur. Content Creator. Talent Manager. Story Yogi for the New Hollywood™.
Hollywood Driver & Talker. Movie producer. Media entrepreneur. Content Creator. Talent Manager. Story Yogi for the New Hollywood™.

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The dancer becomes the dance in this graceful and powerful moving meditation by Lucia Horan of the 5 Rhythms.

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Pretty cool. Whether Marvel marketing or fan-made. Same result.

Passing it along...

++Content Engine

The Avengers

Came across this and I thought to my self "Self this is a pretty damn fine piece of digital gifness" and then I sat and soaked in the awesomness of inventing a new word. Sadly though I do not think Oxford or Websters is ready for the "gifness" which is sad if you take a moment to ponder it. On plus side #avengers yeah.

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Got a story to tell? I do. That's why I'm going to check out this Hangout.

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If you're an author interested in marketing and selling your books on the biggest platform on which to do so, this seminar sounds worth the listen.

"Get Inspired. Be the Change." 
How to Sell Your Books on Amazon

Tuesday, October 8th 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

Want to sell your books on Amazon? Amazon's own Thom Kephart gives us the inside scoop on how to best use Amazon to publish, promote and sell your book. Topics to be covered:
- Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing program
- Effective promotions strategies
- What successful authors on Amazon are doing right
- Setting up your profile on Author Central
- Tips on making Amazon's self-publishing platforms work for you


NOTE: This event will be recorded. The recording will be available here after the event.

About Thom:  Thom Kephart has worked within the independent publishing industry for nearly eight years, initially working with CreateSpace to develop professional editorial offerings for authors. After refining customer experience by working closely with authors and business owners, Thom joined Amazon as the Community Outreach Manager responsible for building brand awareness for CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing.


1.) You must sign-in to your Google+ account.
2.) Join the Community (
3.) Click the "Yes" button under the "Are you going question."
TIP: You will not see the "Yes" button until you have completed steps 1 and 2.

If all else fails, simply visit this page at the time of the webinar and click the link that will appear for the live broadcast. You do not need to RSVP to view the broadcast live.

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Join me for "The New Hollywood™ for Screenwriters." Like you have a choice.

In this episode of Hollywood Drive & Talk, Seth is on his way to USC Cinema School to teach a class on the New Hollywood™ that will apply all the Content Engine principles in one course that you're invited to attend this summer!

Seth's UCLA Extension Class starts July 9: "The New Hollywood™ for Screenwriters." Class description and sign up here:

Hollywood Drive & Talk: "Bite-sized inspiration while driving the conversation in Hollywood."

Subscribe to Content Engine TV's YouTube channel here:

Get Inspired. Be the Change.

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We're in the "age of the entrepreneur." As Content Creators, we all must be entrepreneurial as we endeavor to create content, engage audiences with our ideas and figure out ways to monetize our efforts. We all need inspiration to fire our engines and I'm working to do my part (Content Engine, yo!).

To that end, here's my interview for Inspiration, Inc. on TV4Startups, a new channel for entrepreneurs to get inspired. So have it! 

Get Inspired. Be the Change.

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It's nice when a Deadline Hollywood article turns out well. 

I'm happy to have been a part of building these special writers into "the go-to chicks for chick fare." Funny to think it all started with a compelling query letter sent my way (by Karen McCullah) from Colorado. When I read the spec script Karen had written with Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith, I sense there was something special in the dialogue and characters in its pages. I told her simply, "I think I can do something with this."

10 Things I Hate About You found a home at Disney thanks to Mark Vahradian and to Greg Silverman. Shortly afterwards, we made the film in Tacoma, Washington at the terrifically cinematic Stadium High School with Heath Ledger, who instantly radiated "movie star," Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the biggest star on the set at the time), Andrew Keegan and David Krumholtz and many other talented cast and crew. It was a terrific way to begin what's become an incredible journey of movies, creativity and laughter.

Many moons later, these writer/producer/authoress/creators are still making waves in the media business. It's been a pleasure to have helped facilitate the magic. May they continue to cast their spell on us all.

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Now that you're a Content Creator, how do you MONETIZE your content?

Freddie Wong, Machinima, Maker Studios, CreatorUp and Seth Jaret share their perspectives at this USC Women of Cinematic Arts panel on MONETIZING NEW MEDIA.

Get Inspired. Be the Change.

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My article written in response to the New York Times piece on Monday about "solving the equation of the hit film script."

What do you think? Please comment.

Get Inspired. Be the Change.

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You are the instrument of your own legitimacy! You have to empower yourself by being the "I am." I am a writer. I am an entrepreneur. You have to believe so that everyone else will, too. And it sounds like you already are.
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