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On April 29th, James Baker, of Salem Township, Pennsylvania, was badly burned when a gas explosion rocked the town. The explosion happened just 500 feet from his home.

Despite being laid up following surgery to his ankle, James was able to run to safety, however he had suffered extensive burns. He is still in the hospital recovering from his burns.

While James recovers, his mother, Helen Baker, has been actively protesting fracking and pipeline work in communities such as Salem Township. Her hope is that no-one else will have to experience the same injuries that James did.
We are saddened to hear of James’ injuries. Our thoughts are with him and we wish him a speedy recovery. We hope that Helen is able to prevent anyone else from suffering burn injuries by sharing James’ story.

#BurnSurvivor #Healing #Strength

James’ story:
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Ryan Scholand, of Ogden, New York, suffered severe injuries when the e-cigarette that he was using exploded. The devices battery base shot out like a projectile and the device’s aluminum base shot down into Ryan’s throat. What remained of Ryan’s e-cigarette was in flames on the basement floor.

When Ryan got to a mirror to survey the damage, blood was pooling from his mouth and he’s sustained multiple cuts.

While many people in the vaping community claim that the increase in the number of e-cigarette and vape pen explosions is a result of user error, Ryan said that he did extensive research on e-cigarettes and how to use the device. Ryan said he’d ordered his device for $350 online. He believe that the e-cigarette that he had did not come with a chip to moderate the energy and heat that the e-cigarette transfers to the battery.

The instances of burn injuries related to the vape pens and e-cigarettes exploding is on the rise. We believe that, when such a senseless tragedy occurs, the person responsible for the accident should be held accountable. If you, or someone that you can about, has been injured by one of these devices, please contact us via e-mail at, or call us at 844-669-7007. We can offer support, assistance and advice following a burn injury.

#BurnSurvivor #Vaping #Tragedy

Ryan’s story:
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Kenneth Barbaro, of @Albany, New York, was using his e-cigarette when the device that he was using exploded in his face. The explosion knocked out his front teeth, blew a hole right through his tongue and left him with burns to both of his hands.
Speaking to @CNN, Kenneth said “[it was] like an M80 bomb went off in my mouth.” The batteries inside the e-cigarette are suspected to have caused the explosion.
As the use of e-cigarettes and vape pens continues to rise, the number of burn injuries reported also increases. Despite the growing number of injuries that result from these devices exploded, those in the vaping industries continue to claim that these devices are safe.
Given the mounting evidence, and the sheer number of injuries that result from e-cigarette explosions, we do not agree that these devices are safe, and we believe that someone should be held accountable for the injuries that result when e-cigarettes and vape pens explode. If you, or someone that you care about has been injured by a vape pen or e-cigarette, contact us at 844-669-7007. We are able to offer support and direct you to advice.

#BurnSurvivor #ECigarette #Vaping

Kenneth’s story:
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In October of 2015, She Yan Chen, of Minnesota, suffered third degree burns to more than 70% of his body and was given a 20% chance of survival. He sustained his injuries when the gasoline he was using to fill up his lawnmower exploded in his hands.

Since October, She Yan spent 264 days in the hospital and has undergone more than 15 surgeries. Doctors said that in January, She Yan nearly passed away from a perforated stomach ulcer. As She Yan left the hospital, more than 50 @RegionsHospital employees cheered him on. “He’s a miracle,” said She Yan’s nurse, Sherry Schaefer.

We are so happy that She Yan is now healthy enough to leave the hospital. We wish him continued health and healing as he continues his journey as a burn survivor.

#BurnSurvivor #Survivor #Strength

She Yan’s story:
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In 2012, Ebony Canion suffered third degree burns to her back after she was deliberately struck by a car and dragged along the pavement. Being struck by the car also left her with a broken leg, broken pelvis, several broken ribs, a dislocated spine, a fractured jaw and multiple other serious and life threatening injuries.
Following the accident, Ebony spent two months in a coma and remained in the hospital for four months. Given the extent of her injuries, Ebony was not expected to survive. When doctors realized she would pull through, Ebony was told it was unlikely that she’d ever be able to walk again.
Remarkable, Ebony did survive and she is able to walk with the help of a cane. She has shared her incredible story in the book “@LeftForDead”. Speaking of what happened, Ebony says, “I am nobody’s victim...only victorious! I am a survivor of the unthinkable and a believer of the undeniable Jesus Christ.”

#BurnSurvivor #Survivor #LeftForDead

Ebony’s story:
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“Although I would never wish this on anyone, I wouldn’t have not wanted it to happen to me. I believe that when you go through something so tragic, you see the world differently. You see the good in everyone and everything, you’re less judgemental, you understand things more, and are so grateful and don’t take your life for granted. This life has been so painful and heartbreaking, but I would never want to do anything to change it. I would never want to get rid of my scars. My body tells a story, a story that I hope inspires people all around the world, and maybe even saves someone’s life. I.Am.Beautiful. I.Am.More.Than. I.Am.Me
-Harley Dabbs, Burn Survivor
As a young girl of just 3, Harley was badly burned in a house fire. Since then, Harley has grown into a beautiful and thriving young woman who shares her story, and her journey as a burn survivor, to inspire and motivate others. Throughout her life, Harley struggled with depression and contemplated suicide. She is very open about her struggles with depression and offers support to others by sharing those struggles.
We are so grateful for Harley and her incredible words. We are truly blessed to be able to share Harley’s words with our burn survivor community.

#MotivationMonday #Inspiration #BurnSurvivor

Harley’s Story:
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Rachel Brooks, of @Fort Worth, Texas, suffered burn injuries to more than 60% of her body after she immolated herself on her mother’s doorstep. Rachel’s mother, Lydia Summers, reached out to us for help in getting Rachel’s @GoFundMe page noticed as both Rachel and Lydia have a long a difficult journey ahead of them.
If you would like to help Lydia and Rachel, you can donate via @GoFundMe. Our thoughts and prayers are with this family at this difficult time and we wish Rachel peace and healing.

If you, or someone that you care about, has a story to share, please connect with us via e-mail at

#BurnSurvivor #Immolation #Tragedy

Help Rachel:
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Derek Thomas, a cyclist, was on his way home from training in Mammoth, @California with his girlfriend, two fellow athletes and his coach when their SUV lost control, flipped over and was struck by an oncoming van. As a result of the accident, Derek suffered burn injuries to 85% of his body and was not expected to survive.

Derek did survive, however. Following the accident, he spent more than one year in the hospital and underwent 43 surgeries.

Derek’s remarkable story is a testament to his strength and determination to survive. Like so many in our burn survivor community, Derek defied medicine and science to beat the odds and survive his injuries.

If you or someone you care about has experienced a journey like Derek’s and you would like to share it with the largest online community of burn survivors, please connect with us via e-mail at

#BurnSurvivor #Sharing #Support

Derek’s story:
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“It was winter and I was just 3-years-old. Me and my family were sitting around an outdoor heater in our house’s backyard. It was so cold and I was so close to the heater. I don’t remember what happened exactly, but I remember the sound of the explosion. The heater exploded and the fire burnt my face and parts of my hand.
I was unconscious for days and I stayed in the intensive care unit for a month. Since I had third degree burns, I underwent the first acute burns surgery immediately after I was taken out of the ICU. Later on, I had many reconstructive surgeries and the last one happened when i was 18-years-old and was a balloon surgery in which they put a balloon like material to pump the skin and I would receive injections every two weeks. This lasted for two years.

When I turned 20, I made the decision to top the surgeries and to focus on my learning. I joined the Medicine School in Moldova and now I’m a fifth stage medical student. I don’t feel shy about my face and my self-esteem is high. I have a wonderful family and amazing friends who have never stopped supporting me. I realized that life doesn’t stop.

I learned that we have to appreciate the hard times we go through because they give us the abilities to know ourselves and the wellness to go forward.”
-Maaly Asli, Burn Survivor

Maaly has chosen to become a doctor so that she can help people and ease their pain while supporting them emotionally as well. We believe her experience as a burn survivor, and remarkable strength, will make her a wonderful, caring and compassionate doctor. We are so grateful to Maaly for sharing her story with us.
If you, or someone you care about, has suffered a burn injury and you would like to share your story with the largest online community of burn survivors, please connect with us via e-mail at

#BurnSurvivor #Share #Connect

Maaly’s story:
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When she was just 16-years-old, @KileeBrookbank was badly burned when her house exploded. The young and vibrant teenager had just returned home from school and was relaxing in her yard when she noticed an unpleasant smell. Unaware of what the smell was, Kilee went into her house to light a candle.
Without warning, a scorching flash erupted and set Kilee on fire. Still burning, Kilee walked more than 30 feet to her neighbors’ back porch where she pleaded for them to help her. Her neighbor, Stanley, scorched his hands trying to pat out the flames. Speaking of the incident, Kilee said “It felt normal. My body felt the same, kind of numb. My hands felt different. I remember it was really hot, but it didn’t hurt.”

Kilee suffered burns to 45% of her body and was rushed to the Children’s Hospital in @Cinncinati.

It has been two years since Kilee’s accident. In that time, Kilee has written a book about her journey to becoming a burn survivor called “Beautiful Scars”. In her book, Kilee shares her struggles of learning to live and do everyday things after her accident. A portion of the proceeds from her book go toward the @ShrinersHospital in Cincinnati where Kilee received treatment.
We are so touched by Kilee’s desire to use her story to inspire others as well as provide support for the Shriner’s Hospital, and institution that is responsible for saving the lives of many of the burn survivors in our community.

If you or someone that you care about has experienced a burn injury and you would like to share your story, or reach out for support, please connect with us via e-mail at

#BurnSurvivor #Survivors #BeautifulScars

Kilee’s story:
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