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Might be back?

I started the Sopranos this weekend and feel like it is going to be a fun ride. I have seen most of the first season, so I know what to expect, for now. I knocked out 5 episodes in two days. If I can keep up this pace, I will finish very soon. Also, I bought the entire series for $60 a month ago at Best Buy. I know, unbelievable. That's what I get for checking weekly ads the night before.

I have not been on here awhile. So one little update to everyone:

I started writing a book based on my paying of college student loans. No clear title yet, but it will be a semi-biography and help book about how I paid (soon to be paid really since I'm still working on it) off my loans in less than a year.

More people should watch Community....just sayin'.

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+Sara Vodak make this sometime :D
Easy Eggs and Bacon Cups

I've seen various recipes for this dish lately so I decided to try it myself. It turned out really tasty and the preparation and cleanup is super quick.


Pam non-stick cooking spray
6 eggs
12 slices of bacon, cooked (not too crispy that it won't fold around the inside of the muffin tin)
salt & pepper
Shredded cheese


Pre-heat oven to 400F (204C). Spray the muffin tin with cooking spray. Wrap two slices of cooked bacon around the inside of each muffin cup. Crack an egg into each cup. Salt and pepper to taste.

Cook for 8 minutes. Add a little shredded cheese to each cup and return to oven. Cook for a couple of minutes or until cheese has melted. (My eggs came out fried hard. I prefer my egg yolks to be a little runny, so next time I'll cook the eggs for 7 minutes before adding the cheese.)

I might try scrambling the eggs and adding a little onion, mushroom, and bell pepper next time around. I've also seen recipes that call for bread at the bottom of the cup. So many possibilities!

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I think it is time to go H.A.M.

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Hmm, anyone out there have some networking with Technical Writers? I could really use a job right about now that actually relates to my major. Thanks.
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