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I've played a bit for the first time with G'MIC without so much luck.

Here is one image. All I want is to remove the shoe and the leg. A friend of mine did this in 2 mns with Photoshop. I tried some settings from without any satisfying result.

Thanks for the help, guidance, tricks, etc.

Can't install Visual Studio Code on F25 due to missing dependencies. Code requires the file This file is supposed to be provided by the libXScrnSaver package...and it's not.

What's even more strange is my pro and personal computers both have been upgraded to F25. On the first one, I've been able to install Code without any problem and on the other one I can't.

Any help?

I'm facing an annoying bug with Remmina on F25. I recently changed my screen arrangement. My laptop, which is not my main screen, switched from the right of my external (and main) screen to the left.

As a result, when I click on the Remmina full screen button, the window always get full screen on my laptop screen instead of my main screen. And, as it's full screen, I can't move it.

Any idea how to fix this?

Another issue on my son's Dell E6400. When running F24, I saw the kernel was not updated as it was on my own, newer, laptop.

I've just upgraded my son's PC to F25, and the problem remains. It runs F25, but with the kernel 4.6.7-300.fc24.

I tried "dnf clean all" and then "dnf update", no change. DNF never list a newer kernel in the list of updates.

Any idea? Thanks.

Just upgraded my son's Dell E6400 from F24 to F25. Eveything went smooth & fine. After reboot:
- pc works fine with Xorg
- when we want to open a Wayland session, we stay locked on the login grey background, mouse is locked and nothing more happens.

Hi, my son runs F24 64 on a Dell E6400 laptop. He just told me the double click doesn't work at all.

- I checked in the Mouse settings applet, no double click detected
- Double click doesn't work with both his external Logitech mouse and the laptop trackpad
- Left and Right single clicks work
- Problem is same on both X11 and Wayland

Any idea? Thanks.

Hi, need some help. Some weeks ago, I filed a bug about screen flickering on Skylake processors. The problem affects only the kernel 4.6.x, and not the 4.5.x.

My problem is my F24 got updated with new kernel. The 4.5.x has been removed. So, 2 questions:
- how can I get the 4.5 back?
- how can I prevent the 4.5 from being removed by further updates?


Need some help for troubleshooting. I run F24 on a 2016 XPS13 (Skylake processor). I also connect a Dell external screen using the USB-C to HDMI Dell adapter.

On F23, I had no display issue, and same when I upgraded to F24. But since the last updates, my external screen flickers, and the external screen only. Of course, I double checked the hardware connection, restarted the PC, nothing fixes this.

I can run all the testing needed to diagnose, but I just don't know what to run. Thanks. 

Strange but since the upgrade of my laptop from F23 to F24, the Gnome font (Cantarell I guess) seems to have been a bit streched vertically. And, to honest, I found the previous version more pleasant.

Since the last updates, the "evolution-calendar-factory-subprocess" eats 70% of my laptop CPU, what can I do to fix this?
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