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I Wonder What An Albino Pink Grapefruit Tastes Like?

Decided to try to sprout a bunch of grapefruit seeds, and all eight came up. All came from the same grapefruit, so I'm wondering what happened to the albino one, and if it will keep growing.
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Alas, grapefruit doesn't mix with my meds. I love them.
If they live long enough to bear fruit, it will be interesting to see what you get. Could be practically any citrus (or so I've read).
Yeah, I think I'm gonna try to get a couple big enough to go in the ground, just for fun. The donor fruit was really good, and it came from a neighbor's tree.

Actually, I'm guessing that it will kick the bucket when it runs out of nutrients in the see. With no chlorophyll, I doubt it will do very well.
Paul M
If you are a plant, and you have no chlorophyll, you die (unless you are an Indian Pipe, but that's cheating).