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Kevin Busarow of Oberwerk spent a full week with Navy Opticalman Cory Suddarth in Oklahoma, for one-on-one training on the Navy Mk. V collimator.  Upon returning to Dayton, Kevin was inspired to build his own collimator from a huge 11" military surplus aerial photography lens.  With a new Suddarth auxilliary telescope (extra-tall rhomboid prism for binoculars up to 100mm), it allows him to quickly and accurately align damaged binoculars using "tail of the arc" method for true 3-axis collimation. Oberwerk's repair expertise and experience is unmatched by any vendor.
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Welcome to the official Google+ page for Oberwerk (, where we pride ourselves on having the biggest astronomy binocular inventory in the universe! Don't take our word for it, however. Be sure to visit our site and browse our inventory first hand. Not only do we supply astronomical binoculars, but we also carry a wide selection of parts, accessories and options for you to choose from.
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Tagline Has The Biggest Astronomy Binocular Inventory In The Universe!
Whether your interest is in bird watching, long-range observation, general use, or astronomy- we have the binocular you need!

There's nothing quite like the view offered by large-objective binoculars. The 3-D quality of the stereo image can be breath-taking, and just can't be matched by the "flat" view from a single-ocular telescope. While many astronomy shops and camera stores sell binoculars, it is usually as a side business. Our specialty is binoculars (and accessories) for astronomical and terrestrial usage.

Product quality assurance is performed at our facility in the former City of Dayton Fire Station 15, where each and every binocular is thoroughly tested and fine-tuned by Kevin Busarow. Kevin has personally tested and tuned more than 15,000 binoculars, making him one of the most experienced binocular technicians in the world. His testing involves numerous visual and mechanical checks, with a special emphasis on "collimation", which refers to a binocular's alignment. is the only binocular retailer in the USA that routinely sells binoculars that are capable of extreme magnifications (over 100x). At these magnifications, they must be as perfectly-aligned as mechanically possible, in order to provide well-merged images with no eyestrain, regardless of inter-pupil distance setting. We apply this same level of precision alignment required by our high-magnification binocular telescopes to the entire product line, down to the smallest low-magnification models, making OBERWERK® binoculars the most perfectly-collimated binoculars on the market.

Because we test every binocular, and carefully pack for shipping, our return rate is very low. A little effort up front, to insure that we are shipping a quality product, saves us (and you) money in the long run.

We design and manufacture a number of our own unique binoculars and accessories. These are sold directly to our customers, without the typical levels of distribution and retail markup. This allows us to offer great discount pricing for our binoculars and accessories.

Despite the fact that is a division of Oberwerk, we also carry some interesting products from other manufacturers, such as Fujinon and Miyauchi. We put these products through our same quality assurance process and offer them for less than they are available elsewhere.

Although we run a low-overhead operation, we maintain a $500,000+ inventory- hence our claim that our store has "the biggest big binocular inventory in the world". We welcome our customers to stop by and visit our facility when in the Dayton Ohio area.

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9:00am to 5:30pm (EDT)
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Toll Free USA: 866-OBERWERK, Direct: 937-253-8010
Oberwerk Corporation 1861 Wayne Ave. Dayton, OH 45410