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Some people prefer glasses optimized for a desktop environment and a second pair for use outside of work. We can help you create two pairs that work best for your needs!

Seasonal allergies are no fun. Find out your triggers so you can avoid them. Visit your eye doctor if your eyes are red, watery or swollen.

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How can you pick just one pair of glasses? There are so many cool options! Plus, get savings on your second pair. 

Viewing a computer screen often makes the eyes work harder. Computer eyewear may relieve some strain from your eyes. Schedule an exam and address your concerns with one of our eye care professionals!

Some days you’re a wayfarer and some days you’re an aviator. We can help you save on multiple pairs!

Myth: Eye exams arenÍt necessary unless you are having an eye problem. Fact: Routine eye exams help detect diseases, such as glaucoma, before your vision is impaired.

Used in various #sports such as track and field, beach volleyball, rowing, soccer and tennis, sunglasses are an essential piece of eyewear to keep athletes' eyes safe and ensure good vision during competition.

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How do you choose glasses to fit your lifestyle? Something funky or creative, or do you go conservative or classic?

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Many people find that specialized glasses makes everyday life more comfortable. Save on a second pair now! 

Spring is in the air, and so are many allergy triggers! Symptoms of allergies may include red, watery and itchy eyes. If you need relief, visit our office for some eye allergy solutions.
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