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Rita “Peat” Harris
To live will be an awfully big adventure.
To live will be an awfully big adventure.


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Saying Farewell to a Leader
"You will have the opportunity here to learn to work hard, to organize yourself, and to make a difference... if you take your academic work seriously and participate fully in the co-curricular activities of student life at Bellarmine, you will not only deve...

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Christmas Card Junkie
Christmas is only TWO weeks away...! In some ways, that's still a long time of Christmassing considering there are four weeks of Advent. (Of course, if you, like me, acknowledge the Epiphany, then Christmas actually extends past the 25th--Yay!)  Everyone ha...

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Non-Creamy Cream Pasta Sauce--YUM!
I'm so proud! We ate something DIFFERENT tonight! Between Mingus's food allergies and being distracted by two wiley children, it's much easier to stick to our go-to menu options rather than experiment with new ideas. Why? (1) It takes longer (2) It often re...

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Saying Goodbye to 2 Under 2
Even before I took the test, I was scared.  In fact, I didn’t want to take a pregnancy test the first week, because I knew it would be positive and I wasn’t ready to accept that yet. Dorothy was just turning 8 months old and I was pregnant again? She’d be 1...

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Freaky Friday Shopping
Happy Friday! Since it is Friday the 13th, I figured I'd throw you a curve ball with...  ...Some shopping tips from this tight-wad!  (And by 'tight-was,' I don't just mean, always find and taking advantage of a good deal...  I mean has to be forced into spe...

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Moments Not Forgotten
It's the first month of two under two... Every moment is special. I'm so grateful for Jacob's laid back personality. (IE: He is not like Dorothy who cried LOTS and always needed walked around and bounced, didn't want to latch, destroyed my nipples, wouldn't...

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Why I Choose Juice Plus+ as my Pre-Natal
It's not labeled a "pre-natal"; for that matter, it's not even a vitamin. But in my book, that is a plus. I like natural. Most know that... So the automatic questioning I have for anything is, "Is this the way things were intended to happen naturally?" Beca...

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My Story: Make Me Immortal
I am such a lover of the Juice Plus+ products, but those who know me, know that I am the furthest thing from a sales person as one can get. In fact it stresses me out beyond belief. Despite the fact I sat side by side two of the best sales people I know for...

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Sports Talk: 10 Reasons to watch the World Cup
As a correspondent sports writer for  The Casey County News , I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published June 4 , 2014.    I know we're a basketball-centric state and county, but guess what the rest of the sports world is getting pump...

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To Contract or Not to Contract Out....
As an extreme penny pincher, the idea of building our house completely on our own--or at least doing our own contracting, was oh-so-tempting; however, a few items on the "Con" list of that idea eventually allowed getting a general contractor to win out... S...
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