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About me. Who else?
About me. Who else?

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They Have Arrived!
Friends, the books that I had on order for a signed copy sale are in.  Everyone who asked for a copy is going to get one.  In fact, as each of the orders are entered into my bookstore (see the above button) I will fill them out and get them in the mail tomo...

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The Green Country Adept -Sample Chapters (Edited and Updated)
These are the first two chapters of my book.  I'm reposting for new visitors and to reflect the editing that I had done on the finished book.  I hope you all enjoy Chapter 1 Today Pawhuska,
Oklahoma                     The blast hammered at my shield like a...

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Book News!!!
Hey, Friends!  I've been given the chance to buy copies of my book "The Green Country Adept: Book 1 of the World Tree War" at a significant discount so I'm passing it along to you.  I've ordered 10 copies and am giving away 2 of them.  The cost is $25.00 an...

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Distribution D Day
Just a line to let everyone know that I've finally gotten confirmation on my proof copies of my new book "The Green Country Adept". Assuming everything is good when it arrives my book should be released to Barnes and Noble and next week.

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It's no secret that I made the decision to self publish.  And here is one of the reasons why.  a representative helped me with the pricing of my book.  If you look at it, now, you will see a marked difference in the cost per book.  Yeah, I'm going ...

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Wow! First Orders Are Off!
I want to say thanks for the book orders!  The fact that you are interested in reading "The Green Country Adept" means a lot to me.  I have to say that writing and self-publishing a book is a LOT more work than I thought it would be, but I'm pleased with my...

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It's Here! "The Green Country Adept" Has Been Sent To The Publisher
Well, friends and neighbors, it's finally here.  " The Green Country Adept " has been finished and edited and is now on  I hope you enjoy it.  I'm doing a limited run in hardcover with a dust cover.  If you want one, you can order them here on my B...

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Nothing Is Ever Easy
Ok. So, without going into a LOT of boring detail, my Editor had to take herself off of my book.  The reasons had nothing to do with the book itself, more of a meltdown of her personal workload.  So.  Where does that leave the book?  About half finished, ed...
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