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This Vicious Cycle
preoccupation today is the the blind beggars I see on my way to work every
morning. Not that this sight is  new to us. But no matter how many times we see the same
thing, one day something new strikes us. So,
this blind young man was on the side of the s...

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My 'Smile' Moments
This is one blog post that had more titles than the post itself. I just had to restrain and restrict myself to this simple one. So, here we are at the end of yet another year, season and time. Almost at the end of the 365 days that began only yesterday. A s...

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Thankful (yeah, that word!)
And today is Thanksgiving in America. What a
coincidence! Well... While it
is a good thing to be consistent in these things, I want to believe that our giving
of thanks, and this has nothing to do with religion specifically, is not something
that we reserve...

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When all is said and done!
I don’t get why we
feel that nothing can happen because we have done all we can or need to do to
cover all bases. However, the thing about life, which we all know, but which
still confounds us when  it  happens is, anything can
happen. The forces do sometim...
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