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Nicki Porter
freelance muppet enthusiast
freelance muppet enthusiast

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Well, look who's back in the blogging-about-writing game...

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Shhh...I'm secretly rooting for Rand and Lisa...don't tell anyone, kay?

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By me: find your passion, find your voice. ((I love this one))

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By me! My half-rant, half-manifesto on the future of content/blogging/marketing/the world.
As more and more sites start to embrace the Blogging Gospel and churn out content left and right, it becomes impossible to be heard above the roar. Find out how to stand out from all the "noise" in our latest post by +Nicki Porter

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Happy Monday!

Our latest post explains the importance of measuring your content conversion rates. How do you measure your content's success? +Nicki Porter

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Latest from our blog--> The Power of Curation: How to get 20,000 People to Talk About You on Facebook by +Nicki Porter

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Want a little magic and whimsy to start your Wednesday morning? Here you go.
:: Photography
Karo Yuki

The Japanese photographer, Yuki Karo created a photo essay capturing fireflies with the exposure of the camera open, picking up the trail of wonderful lights.

Official Page:
Karo Yuki | Photography | Fireflies (10 photos)
10 Photos - View album

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By me! This one was a BLAST to write.
New post--> 8 Ridiculous Examples of Press Release Fails

What's your biggest press release pet peeve?
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