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Makers! Help us help you.

Google wants to create smart tools for Makers, so we're asking you to fill out this survey to tell us what you'd find helpful.

We'll also share they survey findings back to the community

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Ooooh call that little old problem solving lady who can proclaim that: "This land is clean" afterwards! 

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Oh ja tack så väldans. Ännu en bonus är ju att rymddräkterna ser rätt så "Mass Effect"-iga ut.

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Ooooh, nicely done! Always good to get an outside perspective as well.
"Well, Brian, I don't think there's any question that what the Republican Party has had here is a , umm. . . "

"hostile takeover?"

". . . a pretty rough trot. As much as anything else, uuhh . . what we have got is a . . ."

"spoilt narcissist?"

"is uhhh . . a man who . . can bring an enormous reputation from reality television and, of course, a vast . . ."

"respect for women?"

"a vast audience from television, Brian, but he doesn't seem to be able to do that without umm . . ."

"making a complete fool of himself?"

"without blurring the edges of Republican Party policy, Brian."

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Ok, jag såg inte på eventet, men det här är ändock lite skoj.

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Big enough for a concert to boot! 
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Asteroid Freddie Mercury. May he continue to orbit in all his supersonic glory. It's a main belt asteroid: orbital radius is 2.39, eccentricity 0.16 and inclination 0.9. With a diameter of 3.5km, it would be suitable to hold a large concert at some point in the distant future.

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Det här kanske kan vara nåt för dig, +Lars Nohrstedt​!
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