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Feels like I must have forgotten to pay my HF bill and service got cut, band is really lousy where I am at the moment...

Will be on 7100 tomorrow, hoping to hear some of you! Otherwise, what bands do you use these days?

+Mitch Winkle how difficult would it be to hook up uichat to pskreporter? Would be a great way to gauge activity and understand who hears who...

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We have just released a new version of Wizkers:Radio - we now support not only the KX3 but also the KX2 and the Yaesu FT817... and more models to come soon!

As always, Wizkers:Radio provides not only monitoring and configuration, but also CAT control for fldigi through the super reliable XML-RPC protocol, and hamlib for all other hamlib-compatible software.

And it still runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks and Android!

We also have a support forum now, at .

More details at at

Oh, and one last thing: Wizkers:Radio is fully open source!

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Just released version 0.1.8 of Wizkers:Radio, you can now experiment with the SWR Sweeper feature!

Be considerate when doing a band sweep and set your tuner power to as low as practical...

Monitoring 7.100 right now...

Not tons of activity lately? I'll be on 7.100 if anyone's looking for me :)

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Love my setup :)
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