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Don't believe it if you didn't read it here!
Don't believe it if you didn't read it here!

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Well we've had our ears to the floorboards trying to detect news of the Big Reveal in September and spies caught Alexander and Roger's credit cards in use at the same hotel in the same old university town on the same day. Quick as a flash, we despatched and Oxfraud film crew to find out if this was a rehearsal for the main event in September and we've been rewarded with a scoop. 

Of course, we didn't get into the lecture theatre. Oxfordians operate strictly huis clos these days. But we were able to film the audience reaction.

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A couple of Oxfordians try to hijack a post-performance discussion of Comedy of Errors. If this is what counts as getting the message out these days, I don't think Will has much to worry about.

Puzzled faces all round.

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Well here's the 2014 mock trial which took place in Stratford, Ontario and ended with the Oxfordians suffering another humiliating defeat.

What did David Prosser spend the $40,000 on? Anyone know?

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A little Ted Talk on Stylometry. Contains some Craig and Kinney without mentioning them.

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In line with the Oxie Back to Basics theme, let's have a look at at central Ogburnian tenet, that Oxford was one of the leading lights in a group of poets too shy to publish. It's the pivotal point in Al Austin's Fronline documentary which appeared on PBS in the States at the height of the Shakespeare Wars in the 1990's, dramatising Looney's Eureka moment in finding a poem in a popular anthology of poetry. Who could have imagined that?

The current theme on this side of the fence is evidence and the lack of it. What these Oxfordians do, in the absence of any supporting evidence, is manufacture some.

It's as well to remind oneself when dealing with Oxies on some argument built on a false premise, that they themselves falsified some of their premises, and important ones too.

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A video on Oxfordian subtext detection as the boys examine a new opera based on As You Like It.

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Don't let's be beastly to the Oxies
When our victory is ultimately won,
It was just those nasty Doubters who persuaded them to fight
And their books and clothes and awful jokes are far worse than their site
Let's be meek to them
And turn the other cheek to them
Ignore the raging bonfire of their hopes.
Let's give their ideas parity
And treat the rats with charity,
But don't let's be beastly to the Dopes.

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The Oxfordian Pilgrim's Progress

From Doubting Castle to Vanity Fair via Ignorance, avoiding Fair Speech, Honesty, Mount Clear and the Land of Sincerity.

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You are some expert researcher if you were looking for an unusual greetings card and found your way here. Anyway, enjoy ours, which will be absolutely perfect for any of your chums who believe Oxford wrote the works of Shakespeare.

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