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Those guys do magnificent shorts
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Очень интересно и почитать и посмотреть.
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Ode To A Flower: Richard #Feynman explains the wonders of science within a simple flower
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Пилипец.Здесь стремно:)
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Фиалочка личная, живёт на работе. Буйно зацвела после перехода в другой отдел.
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Всегда так необычно сравнивать зимние фотки и летние...
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My comments on such treatment from husbands under the notorious Muslim-abusing movie were deleted as inappropriate. So you can say "fuck" and "I fucked my mom" but you can't say a song,picture or video has smth in it - ohitisahatredshown delete it! So now I repeat,being in my right, that I think Muslims do have a great lot of people who deserve to die and be hexed by Mohammad and never see any afterlife. And firstceazed of this particular wish must be those who treat women like that.
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А:) давай-давай:)
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A school in England? ERM... I do not see British faces.
If every pupil was given an iPad - what would school be like? Rory Cellan-Jones visits a "failing school" in England which invested in technology - and improved its results:

Is this school a template for the future?
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.Хз откуда, хз кто, хз почему.

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