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First Nation peoples in Alberta and Saskatchewan are all talking
among themselves about an historic claim settlement. Earlier in 2017 some twenty
Treaty No. 8 first nations received an offer from the Federal Government of Canada
on an outstanding 1899 Treat...

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Freeing the EGO
Letting go of control does not have to be difficult. I will
occasionally, when I am faced with a decision, stop what I am doing, quiet my
mind and concentrate on my breath. I want to make decisions based on a clear
mind. The question becomes do I continue c...

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Dene Poem
Drum Dance 2009 Roger Deranger - Denesuline Artist Hidden within the Dene forest home spirits dream enthusiastically to roam they dwell honorably during mystic time when the heaven and earth vastly rhyme upon a painted sunset, a silence broke it was an anci...

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Denesuline Roger Deranger

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A Tough Conversation
This is a difficult but necessary conversation.   If a conversation is difficult, then it
should be engaged in with as many people as possible. And you know what, it
seems like it is never the perfect time the for a difficult conversation. I am talking abou...

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Down the Rabbit Hole we Go!
While I don’t mind being given omnipotent and mind controlling powers
as a lark, it mystifies me to think someone is actually serious when they say I
am responsible for the actions of people who subscribe to my Facebook group
page.  How many readers adminis...

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This is What Love Looks Like
It is simple. And you can do it too.  Be the beacon of light in your life.  Only you can change how you feel toward others. You can be happy and be at peace in your relationship. All you have to do is ACCEPT IT IS WHAT IT IS.   Therese Deranger (Adam) 1919-...

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Happy International Women's Day
I wrote this tribute to my sisters in 2013

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Be ware of this soup. Check the batch number to see if you have it in your kitchen. #horrible   #dangerous  

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Can't be too careful. Always check packages. #foodsafety   #foodservice   #Tomatosoup  
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