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Damond Nollan
I am man focused on building an empire of fun, freedom, and fulfillment.
I am man focused on building an empire of fun, freedom, and fulfillment.



The more I learn about myself (as an ESFJ - Fe Si Ne Ti), I am realizing what processes work best for me.

External Feeling (Fe)

The first lesson was that I needed regular feedback and multiple touchpoints when it comes to creating. Writing blogs and short posts on social media provides me with quick bursts of positive affirmation, which directly feeds my need for tribe approval. When I feel good, I write more. As a result, I end up with a bunch of short thoughts and ideas that need to be sewn into something more cohesive and comprehensive.

Testing Developing Content in Facebook Groups

One way to pull these ideas together and testing it before making it widely available to the public is by posting developing content within Facebook groups.

What I have found is that posting snippets of content within groups is like a comedian testing jokes inside comedy clubs. What tends to do well in groups, also does well with the larger audience. As a result, I can either spend more time developing the material or leave it alone altogether.

Updating Existing Content for Deeper Depth and Wider Awareness

Another strategy that I'm playing with online is the updating of published Facebook posts and blog articles followed by alerting readers of the change via a comment in the discussion area.

“Why would you do that?” You ask.

Good question. First, by updating existing content, the author can add additional thoughts and ideas based on feedback from the readers. Doing this, one is able to add further depth.

Second, Facebook doesn't currently notify people on edits made to posts but it does alert them when another comment is made. Additionally, by posting the new information as a comment, as well as an edit, both new and old readers will see the same stuff.

What’s Beyond the Blog Post?

While driving home one night, I asked myself the question, “What is smaller than a book but larger than a blog post?” A Google search didn’t immediately give me what I needed, so after a few revised queries, I found a list of publications that fall under the novel.

• Novel: 40,000 + words
• Novellas: 17,000 - 40,000
• Novellettes: 7,500 - 17,000
• Short Stories: 3,500 - 7,500
• Flash Fiction: 53 - 1,000 words

That was helpful, but I don't see myself writing fiction anytime soon. So, what about nonfiction?

I didn't see a neat listing like the one I posted above. What I found is that in the fiction category one can write shorter books while on their way to full-length publications.

• Short eBooks Singles: 4,000 - 30,000
• Books: 30,000 + words

Introverted Sensing (Si)

One idea for me (and for you should you see value) is to continue writing short posts on social media. Take those and build upon them until they become blog posts. Combine those blog posts and make small eBooks that can sell on Amazon. Finally, combine those smaller eBooks and grow them into full-length titles. Rinse and repeat.

This process of collecting and building upon existing information supports my Si.

Introverted Thinking (Ti)

"So, what do you want to write about?" you ask.

Would it be surprising to learn that I don't have an answer to that question? While I'm still learning about my type, I've come to believe that the Ti cognitive function for ESFJ in its inferior position hinders me from seeing what I really want without first exploring my thoughts and feelings with others (like, right now with you).

The thought of writing 30,000 words seems daunting. If I can do what comes naturally and write in shorter bursts, I believe the books will practically write themselves.

Thoughts? Am I using and understanding my type correctly?
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In light of our recent conversations around content creation and writing for substance, I have finally given myself permission to edit Facebook posts and blog articles after they have been released for public consumption. Up to this point, I was adhering to some "internal guideline" that restricted my updating of past articles. Instead of doing what I introduced above, I would maintain existing contributions as-is and then create a new article or add related thoughts to the comment section of the post. While that's not a bad practice, it's not efficient.

For blog articles, search engines are already directing traffic to the page in question. Why not maximize on those pre-existing readers? Additionally, you can save time by simply updating sections of the article with new and more relevant information versus starting from scratch.

Now, you may be reading this and thinking, "Duh! This is just common sense. Editing is not a new idea." You're right, it's not; however, for people like me who see and record a lot of information in small chunks, versus all at once, this could be a game-changer.

Why a "game-changer?" you ask.

In my everyday life, I already take copious amounts of notes inside of Google Keep and Google Drive. Unfortunately, those notes often feel like random disparate thoughts and ideas gathering dust in a folder that will never see the light of day.

To avoid losing any more good ideas, I've decided to try revisiting my notes, articles, and now Facebook posts to update them with new thoughts.

Remember, because this content is available to the public, I also have access to the comments and questions offered by its readers. As a result, their feedback helps me to better refine and connect the message with them.

While it's still too early to claim victory, I am beginning to see both an increase in depth and breadth in my writing. That's exciting!

In the future, I would like to write and publish a library of books on various subjects. I believe that by allowing myself to adopt this one strategy, I may have found the secret sauce that's been eluding me all along.

Just wanted to share some personal random thoughts with you. If it's helpful, feel free to use.

Until next time...
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"Ronnie Coleman: The King" is a documentary on the life of 8x Mr. Olympia. In this installment, we see how he got started in bodybuilding and his rise through the professional ranks.

While his story is one of victory, it does come at a price. By the time this movie was released, Ronnie has gone through 8 surgeries in an effort to repair some of the injuries caused by lifting heavy weight. As of November 2018, he's added a few more surgeries which make it a total of 10.

Overall, this is an interesting view of his life. It is nice to see more of his family, home, and struggles associated with his injuries. It is tough at times to see the King go from being a massive bodybuilder to one that is both aging and hurt. I admire his commitment to the gym, even in the midst of more surgeries, and appreciate his transparency.

If you are a bodybuilding or Ronnie Coleman fan this is one that you need to watch. Enjoy!

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At the conclusion of the season, I do feel a sense of disappointment. Where I enjoy the show for its ability to raise tension in a very subtle way, the payoff for me was not worth the build up.

Around episode 6, I found myself struggling to stay connected to the plot. Yes, I knew we would have to come to an end and the powers that formed against one another would eventually clash, but it wasn't enough.

With season 6 being the last we see of the Underwoods, I have enjoyed the ride, but it won't be due to the finale. No, my memories will be tied to the way I feel as a result of watching this show. I feel smarter because I was able to follow the intricate game of chess the writers and actors played.

One side of me wishes there was more, but the other side feels satisfied enough to let it go. Without Kevin Spacey in the title role, there is something missing. Yes, Claire did a fantastic job being the Commander-in-Chief, but I wanted the final curtain call to come from Francis himself.

All in all, enjoy the journey in whatever way you can.

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Recently, I found myself feeling angry. As a result of this strong emotion, I ended up raising my voice and communicating displeasure in a way that was outside of my normal range. First, I don't enjoy being upset. Second, I don't like the environment anger creates. No, I was not at my best.

Given the time and space to reflect on my reaction, I realize now that I held a series of expectations for how things should be. I have a natural tendency to seek control over situations and outcomes, which can come off as controlling.

In a world where we all have free will, the most that I can hope for is the power to control myself, my emotions, and ultimately my actions. When faced with a situation that doesn't agree with me or my beliefs, I have the power to determine my response. I have power, control, and influence over ME alone.

So, the next time I begin to feel angry, frustrated, or powerless, I plan to pause, examine the situation, and decide how I will respond knowing that I have POWER to control MY next move.

Make today a very great day!
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Yesterday morning, while I was laying in bed, I felt so unprepared for the day. All I could do was think about the long list of things I hadn't finished while fully aware that in a few short hours I would have to sit down with my boss to discuss them in great detail.

In hindsight, my meeting wasn't bad at all. In fact, we had a wonderful conversation and I left feeling accomplished.

What I would tell myself, now that it's over, is that I need to PREPARE in advance of the day. Things seem to run so much more smoothly, and with much less anxiety, when the list of things to do has already been done.

Then, when I wake up feeling lazy or slightly behind, I can rest easy knowing that my clothes are pressed, food cooked, gas tank is filled, homework assignments are done, hair is cut, and all deliverables are complete simply awaiting the "green light."

I know, I know, this is not new information, so let this serve as a gentle reminder to myself while striving to make today a better day then the last.

Onward and upward, ya'll! Onward and upward.
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This morning, Pastor Matt said that if we take what is in our hands and give it to God, he can multiply it. This has been one of the most asked questions I've asked both myself and God. What is my purpose? Where do you see my gifts and talents being used best?

What about you? What do you see as your purpose and gifts?
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I find that when I get stressed about things, I tend to cut unnecessary things off and then focus most intently on what's most important.

What happens when you get stressed?
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DAREDEVIL is now available for streaming on Netflix. Season 3 begins now...
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How to Avoid an Argument

Acknowledge the other person's point of view and seek to understand it. When you listen and repeat back what they are saying, much of the argument seems to go away and tempers seem to resolve themself.
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