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Want #Trump out of office?

Deliverance of #Trump, lawfully out of office @ 🇺🇸


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Seems accurate. 
Steve Bannon Just Revealed Trump’s Entire Agenda (Deconstruction) at CPAC and Everyone Missed It
The overall theme of Bannon’s speech was “deconstruction of the administrative state,” when taking into account the policies he is pursuing. He also told the audience that Trump’s cabinet appointees “were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction.”

Trump’s Cabinet:
Labor Secretary who wants to kill all unions
Attorney General against the Voting Rights Act
Sec of Health/Human Services against Medicare
Treasury Sec is the Foreclosure King against Dodd-Frank regs of Wall Street
Sec of Education against public schools
Sec of Housing/Urban Dvlp against the Fair Housing Act
EPA Director who denies Climate Change even exists

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#this #truth

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For a limited time, you can send books from the RIF Wish List to help put kids in need on a life-changing path through the power of literacy.

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#MTco; #Education #EducateTheUSA #EducateTheWorld #Reading #Knowledge #ABetterPlanet #ABetterLife #USA

cc: +Sean Cowen

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Domain name wise, which do you prefer/infer might resonate most/be most relatable to the majority of #USA citizens?

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Post has shared content President. ASAP.

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