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blush … thank you for saying that. As you are my brother, you were one of the first people I wanted to show this to.

AND you had to know I was thinking about Ted Dale the whole time I was there. The irony was not lost on me. For those reading this comment who don't know who Ted Dale is/was (which would be all of you I'm guessing), he was my dad's partner for many years. Their company was called "Quill & Dale Music."

Ted also traveled all over the world conducting operas for the State Department! (Those were the days.) He'd come back and regale us with tales of "La Boheme" in Katmandu. In my early to mid teen years, Ted became my musical mentor, my own personal Leonard Bernstein. Because of him, I gained a passion for music, not just an understanding of it. I hope somewhere he is smiling over this.

Ken Gruberman

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If you need abdominal or bariatric surgery, THIS is the doctor you want! I was referred to Dr. Doraiswamy by my GP, the wonderful Dr. Alice Lacy; they're in the same building. I was skeptical at first, thinking she referred mainly for the convenience of me only having to go up 5 floors. I should've known better: Alice ALWAYS knows what she's talking about! And again, she was right on the money with this recommendation. Dr. Doraiswamy had been in a group for many years, and several months ago established his own practice. His office is very appealing, neat and clean, and his office staff friendly and accomodating. Debbie got me over my jitters right away, and I got to meet with the doc in short order. I found him -- and still find him -- to be friendly, caring, sympathetic, and VERY knowledgable: everything you want in a doctor. AND I've never had to wait for more than 10 minutes to see him, as the office is well run. Turns out I had an inguinal hernia, with some complications: it was in a not so nice place, AND I wasn't allowed to stop taking my blood thinner, which meant a much tougher job for the doctor. He actually asked me if it was OK to place a camera first via laparascopy so he could really check out what was going on inside me. Most doctors would simply do this and not even consider asking first. That should give you a clue how thoughtful this man is. And yes, he did get the camera in, saw what he needed to see, then fixed everything up "old school" and still kept the wound to a minimum while also keeping blood loss down as well -- the medical equivalent of juggling or plate-spinning. I'm 2 weeks out now, the pain is almost gone, the wound is healing very nicely, and I'm back on the road! I would trust this guy with anything that's even close to his specialties of abdominal surgery, minimally invasive general surgery and bariatric surgery.
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