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This term at St Bernadette's in Lalor Park, we were fortunate enough to meet an expert on the second day of school, the day after we all viewed our entry event and driving question. Our driving question has been split into two mini products:
How could we, as historians, construct and report on the living conditions of Australia in the 1800’s so that we can learn from the past?
This expert was a draftsman from a well known company who came out to tell us how to design and build a structure for a family. He went through a range of different strategies and informed us of the materials we should use.
This was extremely beneficial for the teachers and students, and met a lot of the students "Need to Knows" very early!
Here are some photos of our expert visiting the Stage 3 classroom on Thursday Week 1. 
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The Stage 3 team at St Bernadette's Lalor Park are proud to show you a little snippet of our learning from last term.
We hope you enjoy!

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Students at St Bernadette's Lalor Park are working hard to finish their Products. Students are presenting their board game to Stage 2 students to critically evaluate their board games. Students in Stage 3 are creating a Google Form for the Stage 2 students to give direct feedback in an easy recorded response. Our Literacy session for the day was focused around effective questions, and the types of questions that will provide responses that they can act on next week.

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I have been stuck on step 6 for over a day now and just wondering why it is stuck here.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hello parents of Stage 3 Gold, This is a blogging site to keep you updated with what your child is learning in class. It highlights any outstanding pieces of work that shows that your child is challenging their learning and pushing themselves toward their i...
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