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Comfortable and Functional Caving Gear
Comfortable and Functional Caving Gear

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CONCEPT FRIDAY - Bag with Roll-Top Closure
Today's project is another one primarily for me to practice and learn. I built two and this is the second one. I tried to sew the seam on the edge of the first, but it created too much 'bulk' at one side of the closure. For the second bag (the one pictured), I moved the seam to the center of the back of the bag. It made a MUCH nicer closing bag... and it looks better too!

If you need something custom made, let me know and I'll give it a try.

Have a happy and safe weekend!!!
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It's been too long!! I'm trying to boost Coffee Creek Gear. I think it will need to expand into custom sewing project......'s a long overdue:

CONCEPT FRIDAY - Motorcycle Tool Bag

With vintage motorcycles, the original vinyl pouches eventually fall apart.....especially if you ever use the tools. I built a "closureless" version. The flap folds back over the pouch to keep tools from falling out.
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Chive On

Just back from the USFS Region 1 meeting.  Did NOT end up royally pissed off at the USFS like I thought I would.  After the 5 hour drive back home, with nothing to do but think, .....there's been a LOT going on that I wasn't trusted with.

Nothing more until Monday....after I've had some time to sleep(been up since 4am...NOT on purpose) and think.

The USFS Region 1 meeting will be this week.  I THINK I will be able to attend...if not, I'll at do least the conference call.  
(For all of you "Eastern" cavers...I will have to drive 4 1/2 hours to attend in person...THEN drive back home.)

What pissed me off so much about the Region 2 decision....  It sets a president.  and NOT for cavers.  Just for the NSS.

Maybe it's time to quit caving. I know I was part of the 2nd golden age...maybe that should be enough.

Personally...I believe that the decision is already made.  Time to push for a regional rescue list?????  After all...WE aren't infected or spreading it(and they know it.)

I just can't leave it alone.......

Region 2 (USFS)closed....unless you pay dues to the NSS or the CRF.


To's a "classic" caver vs spelunker thing.

Of course .....  most  cavers conveniently forget....  that a spelunker is a new, un-educated.....CAVER.

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As far as I can tell....nobody has actually been IN this cave. Time to change that.

Photo by Tom Kotynski

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Drill Bit Case
Drill Bit Case (3 photos)
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I discovered this cave using aerial photos a few weeks ago.

On Sunday, I was able to check it out.  It's a cave....barely.

Unsurveyed.....50' long, 15' deep.
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