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My curious question: How are computers and humans the same? Do they think the same?
The resource I would use is

My students were learning about representing characters from the keyboard using ASCII and binary. ASCII allows many languages to use the same keyboard. A student encoded their reply to a question using binary. The other students took on the challenge and each wrote their reply in binary using a decoder from the internet. The responses got longer and longer. A significant learning point - the space bar has a value too. Without it the text is tricky to read. #cserTask3

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Data is being collected in a range of scenarios at my school. Wide scale data is useful if presented in a form that is easy to read. The data that has been collected is from year group which is useful when determining a new year wide task. Most teachers are happy If this is presented in a form that is quick to read, easy to understand and visual. Students have a voice and their next task is modified to reflect the feedback given from the surveys. #cserTask2

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Gravity Light works to create light for families in developing countries. There is no long term expense and after 3 months it has paid for itself. The families do not need to use kerosene anymore.

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