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Lisa Marie Fletcher
Learning Titus 2 : A Personal Reflection of Life, Faith, Family & Learning
Learning Titus 2 : A Personal Reflection of Life, Faith, Family & Learning

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I've been MIA
So, I've been missing.  I know darned well that this usually means death to a blog, but hopefully this is just a small blip in the scheme of things.  I've been really busy over at The Canadian Homeschooler - trying to keep up and sharing some great resource...

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My 2014 Challenge
I've been trying to decide WHAT I'd like to do for the year 2014. I debated diving into a 365 day challenge - but I know myself and that I will easily lose focus and quit.  Which got me thinking about the idea of breaking down the year into more managable c...

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Can you see me?  No. Me. The Me WAY down here. The Me buried way down here - almost lost and invisible? No, I didn't think so. I can't even see myself.  I have been feeling like I'm being pulled under the current for a while now. Years maybe.... but I get t...

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Army vs. Aliens - A Dice Game
My boys love playing battling games, so when I had the chance to check out this new Army vs  Aliens Dice Game series, I was super excited. And they were even MORE excited than that. It was one afternoon when the kids had their cousin over and were getting a...

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The Gift of Books - from DK Canada
Well, the countdown is on until Christmas. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? If not, I highly recommend checking out DK Canada's holiday gift boutique . There are a lot of fantastic books on sale that can be terrific gifts for just about anyone...

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My baby has eczema
You know, where there's something wrong with your child and you want to help them, and can't - it's a feeling of helplessness that knows no end.  I'm currently feeling this way because of Jr. His skin is horrible - always has been and it seems like it's get...

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At Home in Dogwood Mudhole {Crew Review}
What is it? At Home At Dogwood Mudhole by Frank Saunders Who is it for? Anyone who loves a good book How much is it? $22.95 paperback / $16.95 eBook Where can I find it? Tell me more: This book is actually the first of three, th...

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French Essentials {Crew Review}
What is it? Downloadable French curriculum for homeschoolers  from French Essentials Who is it for? Grades 4-12 How much does it cost? $69.95/module or $149.99 for full access Where is it? Tell me more: French is a hard subject ...

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TREX by Brobo
My boys are scared of the dark. I'm not sure why that is exactly, but it's lead to us having the bathroom light on every night from their bedtimes til ours and a full-time nightlight shining in the hallway to keep everyone mostly calm. Middle sleeps with th...

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One Word.
Lately, my head has been filled with random doubts and thoughts that are trying to counteract my faith. Just little things - which try to discredit what I believe, and make me what to question why I believe. Maybe this whole "God" thing, is just a story. Ma...
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