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In some situations, a business might offer you one of its  products or services for free.   Which of the following English idioms, could you use ❛when a business, e.g. a restaurant or a bar, gives you something for free❜?

When a business does not charge you for something, e.g. a meal or a drink, the free product or service is said to be...

a)  on the hook
b)  on the hill
c)  on the hop
d)  on the house

Check your answer here:

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Test your knowledge of English idioms!  A vehicle that is expensive to drive because it uses a lot of fuel can be called...

a)  a gas sizzler
b)  a gas gulper
c) a gas guzzler
d)  a gas boozer

Check your answer here:

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Test your knowledge of English idioms!  There is an English saying that states time flies when you are....

a) on the run
b) having fun
c)  the only one
d)  in the sun

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Here is another question to test your English language skills! 

If you ❛ relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about what other people think❜, what do you do?

a) let your hair down
b) put your foot in your mouth
c) wear your heart on your sleeve
d) dive in with both feet

Check your answer here:

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Test your knowledge of English idioms!  When you 'stop doing something completely and without delay', in particular something that is bad or addictive, you are quitting...

a)  cold chicken
b)  cold goose
c)  cold duck
d)  cold turkey

Check your answer here:

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Have you read about or been involved in any 'kerfuffles' this week? Find out what a 'kerfuffle' is in today's blog post:

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Congratulations to M. Niffen on winning February’s English Idiom Quiz Contest! She won a US $20.00 Amazon voucher for an English book of her choice by answering the following question correctly:

When someone or something is considered to be ❛a sure or guaranteed winner❜, he, she or it can be called a...

a) shoo-out
b) shoo-up
c) shoo-for
d) shoo-in

Correct Answer: d)

Check out the idiom quiz question for March here:

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Calling all primary/elementary school teachers:

The English Idioms Daily Blog invites primary/elementary school classes, art schools, ESL classes and homeschooling groups around the world to have fun and compete for prizes in the Kids' English Idiom Art Contest 2013. Information on the 2013 contest rules can be found here:

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Who 'brings home the bacon' in your family? Is it the same person who 'earns the dough'? Test your knowledge of English idioms by answering today's quiz question:

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Which of the following English idioms means the same thing as ❛to take a breather❜, i.e. ❛to take a break❜?

a)  to take five
b)  to break up
c)  to give it a rest
d)  to break the ice

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