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Even Death may die.... Changing up the Last Breath Move.

Hello again.
I'm still preparing my God Slaying, Cosmos Ending, Ultra-High power DW one-shot.

I'm starting with the premise that the Gates of Death have been shattered and the Keeper of the Gate and the very God of Death have been slain/destroyed. This is causing all kinds of mayhem the PC's need to put right.

Story aside: How would you alter or change the Last Breath move to mechanically accommodate this state of affairs in the Narrative? Or rather, how would you change the narrative to keep Last Breath's mechanics and effects to deal with these circumstances?

My current ideas are to show flashes of the Past and Future showing moments of Prophecy and Destiny. Then getting back to the action.

Also, characters with Divine or Spritual connections might have a direct interface with their Deity.

What are your ideas? Remember: This is a One-Shot, Characters are insanely strong in this narrative (Veritable Demi-Gods and Paragons of the World).

Epic Level Dungeon World:

I'm sketching out ideas for a one-shot adventure with some old high school buddies, using Dungeon World.

I'm wanting to re-skin the basic game to give it some serious Epic Teir flair. For example fighting Pit Fiends, Dracolichs, and a God Aspiring Demi-lich. Plane hopping from Hell to the Ethereal Plane and beyond. Fighting arcane monstrosities from beyond... you get the idea.

I'm wanting to layer all of this over a DW game at roughly level 7. I am going to make some Adventure Moves, and other custom moves to really mechanically back up the fact that the PCs are the best of the best and the most kick ass party in the cosmos. I might be borrowing ideas from FATE Core to easily integrate the epic feel.

What types of moves might you put on the table to really sell a game like this? How would you handle Epic level magic items and spell effects? How can I re-skin your average Level 7 DW adventure to feel Ultra high level epic?

A little while ago I saw a short (1 page?) rundown of advice for running 2-4 hr one shot adventures for convention play. It had advice on what types of encounters to highlight and notes on pacing for real-time. Can anyone share the link? I rolled+ Google-fu and got a 5. You don't want to know where I've been....

A mechanic for continuous effects with a limited duration, e.g. Potions, spells, scrolls, etc:

You gain any benefits and drawbacks of the effect. You may end this effect when ever you would like. If you make the "Make Camp" or "Recover Move" the effect ends. Depending on the expected duration of the effect the GM may end the effect when changing from one scene to the next when appropriate time has pass; the GM will tell when the effect ends.

10+: Hold 3
7-9: Hold 1
<=6: You get momentary benefits along with any other moves made by the GM.

From now until the effect ends if you roll a failure on a move spend one hold. If you can not the effect ends.

Not super tight but it's a good mechanic for taking time in a non-turn based rules set.

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Here is my Dungeon World DM Screen. Hack or use as you like. It's formatted for three landscape panels of 8.5/11.

I need some Kobold Warren inspiration. How have those filthy, sneaky monsters made their lair simply horrible for unwanted guests. Give me some impressions and sticky situations. Thanks!
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