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How can you describe the indescribable? (or is it UN-describable?)
How can you describe the indescribable? (or is it UN-describable?)

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I have become increasingly miffed at what is up on the Internet being sold as Bakelite. Recently, it has come to a head. Well not that one, but you know what I mean. A while back I saw someone selling all kinds of plastic, none of which was real Bakelite an...

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For Baby Boomers and those who is jealous of us...

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We Are Baby Boomers
…and as usual, we have something to say (per the
Monkees).   This is not so much about vintage clothing (I did throw a
little in).  This is about my
generation.   There were many different kinds of us back then:  “Rah-Rah’s” known later as “Preppies”, aka: ...

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What Price Vintage?
This is going to be a long one, because it's about pricing vintage.  It pertains to buyers/wearers of vintage as well as sellers of vintage.   One very popular question on just about every forum about
vintage selling is “How should I price this?”. Just to g...

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The "Fedora" -Thing Greetings. It’s been a while. 
Did you think I was done blogging? No way!  I still have a zillion things to complain
about. (Moving into a new home took up my time) So I am back to complain about the whole “Fedora”- thing. We’re going to...

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Wearing Damaged Vintage (Oh Yes You can!)
I have been a very naughty blogger.   I have an excuse:  I
am currently packing up our whole lives and all my stock for a move to another
state.  So yeah, it’s been crazy here. As promised, I am discussing the wearing of damaged vintage
here.  And YES, you ...

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I just had to add something here.  It's an easy and economic little trick that can save you money and keep you warm while looking stylish. This is a little ribbed sweater I found in my local thrift shop, on the 1.00 rack.  A lot of thrift shops have racks l...

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Relax! It's the Holidays.
"Impossible!" you say? Well, I decided to take it
easy and do a short one, because just like everyone else, I have too much do.  First, whatever you celebrate, a Happy and safe Holiday to
all of you! I was watching White Christmas recently. That gown on Ros...

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The Reliability of RN Numbers
You will see an RN number on most of the clothing out there.
It’s a good way to date things.  But IS it? There are a lot of reasons to be careful using them. Like, if it has in Roman numerals chiseled into the item, it
should be in a museum. I ’m just kiddi...
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