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Club Fitting & Equipment  - 
Apparently some guy named something Cameron has opened a putting studio. If your in the neighborhood you might take a look.
The Scotty Cameron Gallery, a place for golfers to experience the Art of Putting, the same methodology and technology used by Master Craftsman Scotty Cameron in fitting the best players in the world, has opened its doors just north of San Diego.

Check out the video tour below of the new Scotty Cameron gallery.

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My all time favorite training aid (note the duct tape). What's yours?
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+Donald Schramm
One of the best things I've ever used.  Had my students use it on a regular basis. +Essentially Golf
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An interesting read. Does Tiger still have the drive and fire to be the greatest or has being great made him comfortable with his current role in the annals of golf.?
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IMO this article is way over the top.  It demonstrates to me that people don't understand how competitive professional golf is.  The guys that play on tour practice for several hours each day with instructors that analyze every swing nuance and fault. If they don't, then someone will take their place. Many people feel that if Tiger just shows up he can beat these guys.  It is simply not true.

I think Tiger's comments are reflective of his understanding of the truth of it all.  He realizes that he has to take things one step at a time and playing without pain is the first one.  He is probably thrilled to simply do that.  The next step for him is to refine his game to the point where he can compete with those guys.  The big question is if he can spend enough time and energy to do it.  As Haney once said "Tiger has 'Tiger Days' in which he practices for a few hours, then plays 9 holes, then practices and putts again.  He goes on for hours and hours. Nobody can match his work ethic."  
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frank hoxsey

Discussion  - 
When you walk off the course do you think,

"I had fun!"
"I should have done better!"

Remember, We play golf for fun, we mow our lawns for work.
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So true, sighh.....
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Spalding TPM 2 refinishing final.

Today I finished the TP Mills project that I started a few weeks back. All I have to say is, success.

Part 1 brought you the oil can finish.
Part 2 the shaft insert.

To finish everything off I put on a medallist grip.

Rollin puts with this is a pleasure now. This insert adds enough weight to make the putter feel a little more modern and dampens off center strikes remarkably well.

I was originally going to lengthen it but, I am giving it to a friend who prefers a 34" putter.

Great project for anyone.

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Looks nice!
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Putter refinishing part 2.

I have been reading about staff dampening in putters. So, I am taking an old graphite shaft, cutting it down and will be placing it inside the putter shaft.

I'm hoping that this does two things. One, adds weight to the club which is much needed since I don't want to use lead tape. Two, dampens vibrations enough to help reduce off center hits.

After trial and error I cut the graphite insert to 15" from the tip. I then wrapped the tip and butt of the graphite insert with two wraps of duct tape. Finally jammed it in. 
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+Simon Huss I posted picks of the head refinished. Oil can finish. Just click on me picture, scroll down and you should see the post.
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Have him in circles
51 people
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Have to clean the car today. What better way to stay entertained than watching +Mark Crossfield on the tablet while cleaning.
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+Ricky Potts, remember a community is interactive and built from the ground up. A network is generally unidirectional and is built from the top down. I have to agree with +Stephen Blanchard on this. +Mark Crossfieldis not utilizing our community for his gain. We the members of the community are promoting him. Would it be nice if he engaged with us? Absolutely! Do I expect it? No.

We as a community need to be growing the game by getting more people involved. Heck I wouldn't have even known about this community if it wasn't for someone posting about +Mark Crossfield. I say we try to get +Buzza Golf in the community. He is really getting a start and may be more apt to be involved. Who knows?
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frank hoxsey

Shared publicly  - 
Why not just display a picture of two all beef patties? 
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Not visually appealing
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frank hoxsey

Discussion  - 
At the end of the day it will just sit on a shelf. $89,000 dollars could go a long way toward charitable need.
Would pay over $89,000 for this golf bag? 
That is the price that this realized at auction.

1997 Tiger Woods Masters Tournament Used Golf Bag. Arguably the single most dominant athlete in his chosen field active today, Tiger Woods has joined top icons like Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali among the most recognizable figures in the sporting world. A darling of Madison Avenue, also very much like his basketball and boxing counterparts, Tiger has become a franchise unto himself, a top-selling brand name for everything from sporting goods to automobiles to financial planning. But in one quite notable way does the superstar golfer differentiate himself from these other titans of the industry--almost nothing from his brilliant career has ever emerged upon the collectibles market. Famously stingy even with his autograph, the chasm between demand and supply is probably the widest in the hobby, so that even the most dedicated and well-funded collectors are left with little to satisfy them. With this remarkable offering, Heritage provides the most sumptuous feast imaginable to follow those years of famine, a piece that ranks near the height of what collectors could even dare to dream. Presented upon a platform of absolutely iron-clad provenance is the golf bag utilized by Tiger Woods during his historic 1997 Masters victory.

It was almost exactly fifty years to the day after the debut of Jackie Robinson in a Major League Baseball uniform that a twenty-one year old Woods simply annihilated the field at Augusta with a twelve-shot margin of victory, the largest in the history of the tournament. With good reason, this entry into the brotherhood of the fabled Green Jacket served as notice to the golfing world that the axis had been shifted. Upon a course unavailable to golfers of color until just six years earlier, Tiger Woods had made one of the game's greatest statements.

#tigerwoods   #golffcollectibles   #golfmemorabilia  
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I've been to several auctions in which multi-million dollars were bid on paintings, cars or sports memorabilia. When the buyer is in the audience I can sense a palpable difference between them and me. They exuded wealth whereas I don't. I could no longer afford to bid that kind of money than most of us could.

Having said that, there is a speculative nature to this bidding on perceived objects of worth. This golf bag if kept in pristine condition could, if stored properly, bring $200-250,000 at auction in 10-15 years. That's a nice return on money, better than the stock market. If the new owner were to get a few Tiger Nike golf balls with "Tiger" impressed on them and some tees along with club(s) owned by Tiger the worth would increase by 15-20 percent as long as they are properly documented.    
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Check out the +Coach Lockey hair!!!!! Its poofy.
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My next project?!

While I finish up the "refishing" project on my Spalding TPM 2. I thought I would introduce you to my next project. My "new" Mizuno TPM 3. I picked it up as a trade for my old TM 3wood.

I love the classic looks and the soft feel. However its a little dinged up from being neglected.

Would love to get the communities input on what you all would like to see this become. Keep in mind this will be a gamer and poor suggestions will be sent to the round file.

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My first putter refinishing. I dig it 
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+frank hoxsey Oh thats right , I forgot about that .  
So ..... you carrying 8 wedges now .... LOL  
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Have him in circles
51 people
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