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He Fights for Family and Lives for Love

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A couple of vocal, wealthy antivaccination groups have been pushing their misinformation heavily the past few days. These groups are a public health hazard, spouting provably wrong ideas that are leading to an increase in preventable diseases... diseases which kill.

I'll make this very simple: Vaccinations save lives.

Incidents of pertussis, measles, and other diseases are increasing, and babies are dying from them. We need to stop antivax groups from infecting people with nonsense. You'll find information and links in my article about this below.

Please spread the word, and spread the herd immunity. Inoculate yourself against ignorance.

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A Live Action Captain Planet Movie? This should be an impossibility; TGWTG's Suburban Knights assured me that at least 1/5 of the Planeteers would be unable to attend.

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I... I just don't know if there'll be enough Law and Order on the air at any given time anymore. I'm afraid of L&O Withdrawal.
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