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SEO, Music and Guitar Nerd.

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Great news, Google now supports JSON-LD for Product and Reviews structured markup for rich snippets!  This is great news for developers (and for anyone else trying to get movement in their organization to adopt structured markup) as implementing markup in the <head> of a page is typically much easier than implementing in-line within <body> copy. Should cut down on development time and still leave us with the perks of rich snippets (and hopefully additional visibility).

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This is a great article explaining the ins and outs of using json-ld markup for local businesses. Markup allows you to more accurately describe the subject matter of your content to search engines. I've been really excited lately at the possibilities that extensions bring to markup (more specific markup types allowing you to expand on relevance). A couple of good extension tips for local businesses.

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Excited to see Mary Bowling talk about using local keyword data to inform information architecture and on-page optimization! #localup #localsearch #localupadvanced   #moz

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Fonts, a factor commonly overlooked in conversion optimization

Would you have thought changing font and spacing could lead to a 133% improvement in conversion rates? Well it's true, according to a study. The article references how strategic changes in fonts and typography can significantly improve user experience metrics which in turn affect conversion rates.

I believe the most important takeaway from the article is the need for testing. We may have all made smart strategic decisions on what fonts we chose to represent our brands, but have we used experience metrics to confirm our decisions were correct? When was the last time you tested slight modifications to your font? 

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The Hot New Way to Boost Your Online Marketing, Offline?

The article shows how mixing key offline strategies with your online approach can help drive ROI at scale. While spend, rightfully so, continues to shift to digital, here's why bigger brands should not completely ignore the master channel.

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Search Metrics Shows No Ranking Boost for HTTPS
Google announced last month that it would give a small ranking boost to HTTPS (secure) URLs over HTTP (non secure). Since then many site owners have been migrating their sites to HTTPS. Now that a few weeks have gone by, Search Metrics set out to see how much of a ranking boost HTTPS domains are seeing. Their conclusion, there is no ranking benefit!

Google's Matt Cutts has been personally recommending HTTPS for some time now. And Google itself is. Because there is no immediate ranking benefit, it does not appear to be worth your efforts to migrate your site in the short term. I'm assuming Google will give us some kind of incentive to in the long term and that incorporating HTTPS in your next build will be worth our time.

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Google Pigeon, Major Local Search Algo Change Last Friday

The algorithm change does not appear to be spam related, instead just focused on local search results. It appears as though Google is trying to update its local algo to be as sophisticated as its standard web search algo, ensuring the local algo conforms to the same hundreds of ranking factors as the web search algorithm.

As part of the update, you'll notice changes in what keywords trigger the 7 pack (among other changes). Some that triggered the pack before may not now. Others that didn't trigger the pack, may now. Google hasn't reported what % of search results have changed, but it's expected to be one of the bigger local updates in the past several years.

Here's an update since Friday:

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Thanks for the sum up +jennifer slegg.

I particularly find the part about reputation interesting. If you have a poor reputation, you cannot be considered "High" quality. No matter how good you site / content is.

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New report shows exactly how much engagement has plummeted on Facebook

Though brands have been increasing their content posted on Facebook by 20%, total engagement from the top 10 most-followed brands on Facebook has declined 40% year-over-year.

The new report from +Simply Measured proves that despite efforts to stimulate engagement naturally, the only way to increase engagement / awareness on Facebook sadly appears to be through paid means.
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