Sad Times
Some of you may remember last month that I posted a picture of my Great Uncle Jud (George) after I visited him in the care home, well that picture ( may well have been the last taken of him...

This afternoon at the age of 95 he lost the fight with time and passed away peacefully with his wife and family nearby.

I've said before that he was the closest thing I had to a Grandfather all my concious life (one died before the moon landing and the other when I was just 3 months old), so this is the closing of a large part of my early years as he was the last of 5 children which included my Grandmother all of whom played a large role in what we did when I was a young'un growing up.

I'll miss him and also the memories that he evoked, spending time with him, from a much more happy, loving, carefree and innocent time in my life.
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