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Don't objectify the female body? But with all the make up, colorful clothing and jewelry, it is an object d' art, is it not? 
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I didn't listen, but isn't the idea along the lines of Kan'ts categorical imperative, to not treat people as only means, but also as ends.
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  • Fairleigh Dickenson, Rutherford NJ
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Ed Babinski
Edited, Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists (paperback pub. 2003, Prometheus Books), and contributed a chapter titled, "The Cosmology of the Bible" to The Christian Delusion (Prometheus Books, 2010). Also have an assortment of articles at The Secular Web in the modern authors section, and at The Talk Origins Archive, and on a website. 

I enjoy listening to music and comedy, as well as studying science, history and religion.

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Greenville, SC
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