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Thanks to Lawyers Connecting™ for hosting my presentation at both their Northshore and Loop locations in September. The topic: “What every attorney show know about trust administration”

The goal of the talk is to help attorneys serve their clients more wisely by evidencing:
➢ how successful administration relates to the law,
➢ the gravamen of the trustee relationship, and
➢ essential trust skills.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to educate and for the positive feedback!

I’ll be giving that PowerPoint presentation on at John Marshall Law School on October 14th hosted by the Flying Solo organization.
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There is help available for families suffering from * The Troubled Trustee Syndrome *
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The video resume of Daniel P. Felix, founder of The Professional Trustee
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Register for 6/17 #Chicago lunch "How to Collaborate with #Trust Protectors" with John A. Warnick
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“Both/and” or paradox thinking is on my short list of foundational tools for trustees – and anyone else who wants to embrace practical wisdom  to successfully balance competing interests and arrive at the best solution.

I can also personally recommend the outstanding instructor: Neesa Sweet of Braided River Group.  

Thursday evening, February 13th at the Chicago School 325 N. Wells St.  And for $30?!  A steal!

Check it out at:
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Criteria for Special Needs Trustee applies to Selection of Other Trustees, Too!
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making trusts work for those they are meant to serve
We are the guardians of smooth transitions. We use the law and practical wisdoms to help families harmoniously connect their past with their future. Specifically, we guides the transfer of financial, human and intellectual wealth, and so, help the change from generation to generation to be not a curse, but a blessing.

The Generative Trustee is a new paradigm for trustees and the families they serve. The concept of the Generative Trustee grows out of the belief that a trust should be an enhancing influence in the lives of beneficiaries rather than merely a family ATM machine. The Generative Trust Advisor responds to the desires of families that their entire advisory team will be focused on generativity and support the flourishing of each family member.”
John A. Warnick, thought leader and founder, Purposeful Planning Institute
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