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Rick Mudie
An experienced member of the British Acupuncture Council
An experienced member of the British Acupuncture Council


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Headaches are one of the commonest and easiest problems that acupuncture can deal with. Please share with sufferers you know.
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With Acupuncture Awareness Week coming up now is a good time to address some of those nagging issues. This year the focus in Back Pain and there are lots of special offers available.
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Traditional acupuncture can be enormously beneficial for anxiety. Treatment involves minimal intervention and can improve symptoms dramatically.
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BackCare Awareness Week 2013 starts this Monday 7th of October and runs until the 11th of October. The theme for the week is 'Caring for Carers'.
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Acupuncture offers the option of drug-free treatment during pregnancy and helps women get the most out of being pregnant.
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The importance of pulse diagnosis - pt.2
 Importance of pulse diagnosis over sympomatic diagnosis
Importancia del diagnostico del pulse sobre diagnostico sintomatico
                                la dificultad 21 dice
經 言 :scripture says 
               dificultad dice
人 形 病 man looks ill
                si el hombre parece enfermo
脈 不 病 pulse not ill
                pero el pulso no esta enfermo
曰 生 , announce life
                anuncian la vida
脈 病 pulse is ill
           si el pulso esta enfermo
形 不 病 appearance isn't ill
                y el paciente no parece ser enfermo
曰 死 。 announce death
                anuncia la muerte
何 謂 也 ?how explain that
                 como explicar eso
然 : it happens because
       eso ocurre porque
人 形 病 man looks ill 
                si el hombre parese enfermo
脈 不 病 ,pulse isnt ill 
                y el pulso no esta enfermo
非 有 if doesnt'have (ill pulse)
           si no tiene el pulso enfermo
不 病 者 isn't ill
                entonces no esta enfermo
也 end
謂 explanation
息 數 quantity of breathes
           la cantidad de respiraciones
不 應 doesn't promise
           no promete
脈 數 quantity of pulsation
           la cantidad de las pulsaciones
也 。end
此 大 法 great knowledge
                 es un gran conosimiento
Quantity of pulsations makes quantity of breaths and not vice-versa. Pulse controls movement of Qi but not breath and not movement of Qi controls the pulse. Here is a reason that different amount of pulsations during one breath moves qi faster or slower, indicating cold or hot symptoms, not vice-versa people breath slower during hot and faster during cold symptoms. If you breath faster, making less pulsation during one breath, you will become pale from hyperoxygenation, and if you breath slower, making more pulsation during one breath you will become more purple. But you cant change amount of pulsation during same breath rate, because pulse controls breath not breath controls pulse.
Pulse is priority as patient may look ill, but his pulse is healthy, he is healthy. Patient may have no pulse and be dead from intoxication of CO (which was common in China too), but his appearance is good looking with shiny rosy face
La cantidad de las pulsaciones produce la cantidad de respiraciones y no alrevez. El pulso controla el movimennto de qi, pero no significa que la el movimento de qi controla el pulso
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Acupuncture recommended for persistant non-specific low back pain.
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BBT charting to check hormonal balance and stability
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Work out when the best time to try and conceive is by looking for some simple signs.
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