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Denis Plamondon
La communication et le monde!
La communication et le monde!

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Une technologie verte lors de vos événements

Trouve-t-on des emplois sur Google + ?

HI Burke Always in Japan! Seeing David Adams once in a while?

I hope you are well in Japan!

Le téléchargement de IOS6 prend une éternité! Surtout sur un IPhone 4S à 8G! J'ai du éliminer des applications pour faire de la place! 

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Extreme storm over Manhattan on Sept 8th, 2012 which resulted in two tornados on the edge of NYC. There were, however, no reported sightings of zombies or Batman.


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Vaughn a deux ans aujourd'hui!

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Those interested in Hybrid events techniques
Can’t attend the WEC 2012? You can still “attend” this important Session LIVE from your desktop.
Meeting Pros Are from Mars, Attendees Are from Venus:
Techniques for Creating a Remarkable Hybrid Event
Monday, July 30 | 9-10 am CST | 16:00 - 17:00 Central European Time

Find out how to overcome common obstacles and gain insights on the technology and formats needed to engage live and virtual audiences.
Join our online audience and learn how to create a remarkable hybrid event by experiencing it first-hand. To participate in this free session, just add it to your calendar. Link = 

Hybrid Session description:
When it comes to “Creating the New Connectivity” through hybrid events, it seems that meeting organizers and attendees may hail from two entirely different planets. Indeed, the phrase “going hybrid” is becoming increasingly common in the meetings & events industry, but meeting professionals and attendees typically interpret it differently, with conflicting meanings, criteria and expectations. To complicate matters, there hasn’t been a data-driven roadmap for the successful development of hybrid-event strategies, goals and objectives -- until now. The MPI Foundation, in partnership with Mediasite Events, recently completed the most comprehensive study ever conducted on hybrid meetings. This session will reveal key insights gained from this study; and help participants understand how the most common obstacles to executing a successful hybrid event are often the result of differing expectations between organizer and attendee.

Learner Outcomes:

1) Use techniques that organizers and attendees agree make for remarkable hybrid events
2) Gain insights on types of technology, engagement and event formats that work best for hybrid meetings
3) Identify a skill set that should be assembled and built into partnerships to ensure hybrid event success


Smith, Samuel/Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC
Janssen, Ruud/TNOC The New Objective Collective (remote speaker from Switzerland)
St. Angel, Erica/Sonic Foundry
Steph Pfeilsticker/Thrivent Financial

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Japanese roofs! Toitures japonaises! 日本の屋根
20 Photos - View album

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