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Aj Pietruszka

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Reflection Post
When I truly look back on the beginning of the year in art class, I realize how much I have changed. The class has taught me different ways to look and art and different ways to make art that are not the usual. I have learned that even trash can be made int...

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Time Capsule
The items I put into my box are not extremely sentimental items, but they are items that describe and a reminder of my current self to my future self. My box is filled mainly by sports merchandise or tickets to soccer games and many other sporty things that...

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Pop Print
Pop Print The pop print project was one that I enjoyed to do because of what you could do with it. The process of making the print and carving the stamp was time consuming and delicate work, but in the end it was all worth it. After finally deciding on a ob...

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Art Times 3
Art Times 3 This assignment was far from easy but it was also far from boring. No one knew what you would have to work with until you picked it randomly yourself. The best and worst part was getting the artwork from someone else. You had to see what they we...

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Bicycle Drawing
The bicycle drawing was a difficult drawing where a complex understanding of composition and value had to be shown, along with an exceptional level of precision, technical excellence, and attention to detail. I had to start out with a light sketch of the bi...

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Candy Jar Drawing
The drawing of the candy jar was a complex drawing that took a lot of time and effort to trty to get the effect necessary to make the candy look like it was in the jar. The shading was very difficult but it gave the jar a realistic effect as if the candy wa...

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Compare and Contrast
Although these drawings were on completely different topics, the candy jar drawing and the bike drawing had many simalarities.Both of the drawings required good shading in order to reveal the effects that I was hoping for. The bike drawing did differ from t...
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