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New Year, Same resolution.
Every New Year I make the same resolution - I resolve to be more organised. To actually start writing things down, to stop relying on my often scattered memory (thanks thyroid) and to be a better correspondent  (ie actually reply to people, instead of just ...

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DNA Mapping again
This time of my paternal ancestry. I threw the kit at Dad and told him to spit. So from Ancestry: No surprises there; well actually I was expecting it to be a little more homogeneous because his first cousin's looks like this: The German on Dad's maternal s...

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Biscuits & Beer
I have mentioned before that the Sinclair branch of my family tree has links to a certain iconic Australian biscuit maker , but it seems that same branch also has links to another iconic Australian . Samuel Robert Sinclair b.1882 d. 1964 - the (half) nephew...

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"Grandpa doesn't really look like his dad"
On the train home from work tonight I checked my email and was happy to see that the NAA had finally completed digitisation of the Naturalisation papers I requested. When I got in I immediately fed the cat (I value my life too much to not feed her straight ...

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I love the parliamentary papers and the government gazette ( You find some amazing stuff in them

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Fish in a barrel; or why small populations are brilliant
I will admit that everything fell to the wayside last year when I found myself working full time with a 3hr round trip daily commute. I love my job but doesn't leave much time for anything other than sleep and housework on the weekends. So with a week or so...

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Grandma Fibbins
In yesterday's post I mentioned that the daughters of Jane Clifton and Frederick Charles Brown were were raised by their father's relatives on his maternal side, including someone known as 'Grandma Fibbins.' I'm not sure exactly who Grandma Fibbins is. Well...

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Trove Tuesday: "They weren't married, you know"
I've mentioned before what a great resource Trove is for fleshing out those little anecdotes my family is so fond of dropping into random conversation. The not married couple in this case was my paternal grandmother's grandparents Jane Clifton and Frederick...

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More DNA Mapping
After I got my AncestryDNA results my mother was so excited that she ordered her kit straight away. Well her results are in and SURPRISE I wasn't switched at birth (no chance of that really with how much we look like each other but it does ruin my dreams of...

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Let's go! (I'll write a proper post later, but the telescope broke this morning and I just can't breathe for being pulled in eight directions.)
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