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Stefanie Loges
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Stefanie Loges

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Been a long time since I posted something here on G+ ;)
Enjoy and thanks for watching!
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Stefanie Loges

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Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes, I had no idea so many people were thinking of me!! :))

Happy Easter all together!!
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one more BD wishes from my side
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Stefanie Loges

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I usually don´t share much, but exceptions must be made especially with this brilliant minimal snowscape from +Michael Diblicek  - I already can see it hanging up on my wall !!
HI everyone,
Continuing my series of minimalist Snowscapes shot earlier this year here in Eastern France where i live.
This is called Fenceline 4

#plusphotoextract  by +Jarek Klimek 

#minimalmonday  curated by +Olivier Du Tré  
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Stefanie Loges

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My submission to the Plus One Collection 2012

I needed quite long to make a decision about which image to submit.
Had a different image from the same series in mind, but unfortunately it does not meet the requirements in size, so this is a second choice then ;)
At the end it is for a good cause and that is what counts for me!

Want to know more about  #PlusOneCollection2012  by +Ivan Makarov and how to take part?
Check out these links:
Submissions instructions -
Book pre-order and fundraising campaign -
The Kilgoris Project:
Online gallery -

One of the real highlights in 2012 was the wonderful day at the Lotseninsel Schleimünde, Baltic Sea, Germany. Visiting this peninsula will give you great subjects to shoot and because you only can reach it from the waterside, it makes sure you have them all for yourself :)
One of the main objects there is the Lighthouse, a Tree, another Tree, Groynes and this Sea Marker, which when viewed from distance looks like a birds cage to me. I will definitely coming back again this season and picking up some other images I have in mind.
Lotseninsel V - The Cage

Another from the Lotseninsel Schleimünde, the same subject as with #2 just from a different perspective.
Holidays are over and just right in time with my first day back in the office the summer slammed in, yay :)) Preparing and printing images for my first short exhibition here in Schleswig at August 18th.

Have a great week all together!! :)

My contribution for #MinimalMonday   curated by +Olivier Du Tré 
and for #MonochromeMonday  curated by +Charles Lupica +Steve Barge +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Nurcan Azaz and +Manuel Votta  
and for #MoodyMonday  curated by +Philip Daly
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Stefanie Loges

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I was quite lazy during my holidays and have no image ready to post (yet), so why not share this wonderful and probably well known light house from  +Andy Lee !! Melting my heart :)
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Really interesting photograph!

Stefanie Loges

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St. Peter-Ording VII

I´m getting freakin' nervous, still 2.5 hours left over to make it happen...please!
Bar any accidents, I wish you guys Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, a bag full of presents and talk to you soon :)

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+Stefanie Loges stunning image! :)
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Stefanie Loges

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Laut Caritas benötigt ein Asylverfahren in Deutschland ca. 15 Monate. Im Fall Snowden gerade einmal ein paar Stunden. Hut ab vor der deutschen Bürokratie. Unabhängig vom Ergebnis zeigt sich doch, dass deutsche Beamte auch effektiv arbeiten können, wenn sie denn wollen/müssen :P

Über die Ablehnung möchte ich lieber nicht diskutieren, aber mir geht der Hut hoch, wenn ich nur einen Gedanken daran verschwende, wie das Ergebnis zustande gekommen sein könnte...
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+Stefanie Loges Ich hätte es hingegen eine Katastrophe gefunden, wenn Deutschland in solch einem prominenten Fall länger gebraucht hätte. Seien wir doch mal froh, wenn in der Bürokratie etwas auch mal schneller geht. Im Übrigen besteht meines Wissens ein Auslieferungsabkommen der EU mit den USA, ein Aufenthalt in der EU würde ihm also gar nichts bringen.
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Stefanie Loges

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Just to let you know, I am still alive!
Have been away for quite some time now, but returned back home from a long planned treatment. Still need a few weeks until I am ready for photography again.
Meanwhile I rigged up my little Toy Box and got her ready for a short trip today on the Schlei Fjord with my daughter. Relaxing pure is all I can say :)
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Beautiful shot !
You excluded me in your circles...I visited your posts, but you not my posts...
Best wishes +Stefanie Loges 
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Stefanie Loges

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Lotseninsel X, Germany, Baltic Sea, 2012

must see in large (full size zoomable)

Hello all together, who ever is still following my stream here, sorry for being so quiet lately. No excuses, but I still need to find my way through all the social medias I am connected to, which are way too many at this time and kept too much time in the past.
The good thing is that I haven´t missed much of your images, I enjoyed them each and every day, just in silence mode! So please bear with me.

About the image below: I had this waiting on my hard disk for a couple of months, knowing about it´s potential for a pretty good image, but lost the vision I had about it until this morning. Winter is giving us a hard time this year, still plenty of snow and ice all around, it´s dark and bleak for months now, so much different from previous years and spring seems to be far far away. And while I looked to some unprocessed images from the Lotseninsel (Pilot Island) series and this one popped out, I thought it will suit perfect for our never ending winter if I only raise the contrasts in the water a tiny bit and crop it. The rest is completely unprocessed, a finish that only took a couple of minutes. Although the image could have been taken today, I have to destroy your imagination, the image was shot in July 2012...this part of the baltic sea rarely is frozen over ;)

My contribution for #longexposurethursday  curated by +Francesco Gola
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sweet minimal work Stefanie. 
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Stefanie Loges

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As you can read below, this is the final push for your submissions to the #PlusOneCollection2012 !! About 36 hours left over, go and check out with your best image for 2012 and help fundraising for The Kilgoris Project! Read on for submission instructions and more

If you haven't yet submitted an image to #PlusOneCollection2012 , you only have today and tomorrow. Don't wait! If there's a problem with your submission, you may not have the time to fix it. Wednesday evening is a hard deadline. 

Submission instructions and form is here -


Also, some good discussion about the fundraising so far on my G+ post last night. If you haven't seen it, take a look and leave comments if you'd like. Listening to your feedback, here's what we're going to do -  - all image selection for the book will take place this weekend
- I'll post the lineup on Monday
- we'll also introduce a more affordable price point of pre-ordering the book 
- we'll create various promo posters you can use to help us share the news

Questions? Suggestions? Feedback? 

Important links

Submissions instructions -
Book pre-order and fundraising campaign -
Online gallery -

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Good to hear all is well +Stefanie Loges. Here as well. Looking forward to seeing your new work! :) 
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Stefanie Loges

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Globe House, Schleswig, Germany 2012

One from a very few infrared images taken last year. Inside the Globe House is the replica of the Globe of Gottorp, built in Schleswig 1654 and brought to St. Petersburg, Russia, 1717, where the original got destroyed in a fire 1747. Another replica still exists in the Kunstkammer St. Petersburg, Russia.

For #infraredfriday  curated kindly by +Paula Cobleigh and +Ingo Schobert 
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Thank you +Brian Spencer :) Yes I know what you mean, same here too with other things ;)
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Stefanie Loges

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Another great interview with one of the most inspiring black & white artists these days, +spencer brown !! This series of interviews held by +Andrew S Gibson seems to become the biggest archive of black & white fine art photographers in the modern world, a must read!
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Awesome interview!
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Photographer & Graphic Designer
Who is MichelleWhy?
MichelleWhy was my avatars name I have been using in an MMORPG some years ago. I kept this name for photography purposes then.

I have been photographing all my life. In my image I am aiming for a massive emotinal response, first and foremost to myself. This kind of response I very often find in minimalistic Land- and Seascapes. Black and White plus the techniques of long exposure are the most important medium to pronounce my opinion of how I see and witness the world, a sense of self.

Adding me to your circles means you are interested into meself, my work or photographs. There is no service in return, when you add me to your circles, but you can be sure that I will have a look to your profile too, and if you call up my interests, I sure will add you as well.

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