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Stefanie Grant (Stefanie M Grant)
Woman on a mission to help support people who are going through double jaw surgery
Woman on a mission to help support people who are going through double jaw surgery

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On the Market: A wonderful first floor flat which has been immaculately and carefully renovated throughout to create a stunning 2 double bedroom flat in prime central location.

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How to Cope with Braces (Help Sheet)
HOW TO COPE WITH BRACES HELP SHEET Presented here is a fact  sheet  of issues and tips you may
find useful when undergoing orthodontic treatment.  Food No chewing gum. Avoid
hard or chewy foods (such as apples, pears, hard toffees, chewy sweets, steak,

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Bad skin and sore lips after jaw surgery
After jaw surgery your body will be full of drugs and
anaesthetic. In most cases you will not be eating or drinking as much as you
usually do. You may also be covered in the yellow iodine used to clean the area
during surgery. As a result of these factors y...

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Nose pain after double jaw surgery

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The Nose Dot
So what exactly am I
talking about here? After surgery I woke up in the recovery room, in agony and
totally groggy. I woke up with weird numbness and a crazy level of pain
radiating along my jaw, down my neck, back and shoulders. meaning I was
completely pa...

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I still wear my retainers
Hi All, Hope you all had a good Christmas and are all prepped for
the New Year. With most of this week off work I thought it would be a perfect
time to blog about my ongoing retainer drama. Believe it or not, I still wear both my upper and lower
plastic (Es...

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Jaw Pain in the Winter Months!

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Jaw pain in the Winter
Winter is finally upon us and although mild weather so far,
I still find my jaw plays up horribly. Cold, damp, foggy or snowy weather is
the arch enemy of us jaw patients.  Ever since my first surgery back in 2011 my jaw has played
up terribly in cold weath...

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You Can't Get Used to Pain!
A couple of weeks ago I was in a really bad place. To be
honest, things aren’t that much better now. During this time I had an
interesting conversation about pain and my ability to cope. Since the attack at
the age of 18 my anxiety levels have been rather e...

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Happy 5 year anniversary to my face as you know it!
Check out Jaw and Face for never before seen images and brand new content.
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