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Do we believe it?
Christians sometimes speak about ‘ dying
well .’ That was a phrase that Puritan theologians and pastors (rooted in 16 th &
17 th century England… many left for America in 1660-62) used. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Easter
Sunday. The German theologia...

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Three stories. I know I am late to the story. I have paid very little attention to the musical " Hamilton ".  I have also been reading Bruce Feiler's new book "The First Love Story: Adam Eve and Us" .  Adam and Eve leave the Garden, their son Cain kills the...

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Review: The Shack
I went to see “ The Shack ” last night. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. Spoiler alert: parts of this review may give away plot elements. And then I came home and read some reviews. And was surprised (I’m not sure why. I have certainly heard and read enough att...

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There are some anti-immigration posts floating social media around that argue for building walls and extreme vetting and deportation, based on what the book of Revelation says: The Scriptures tell us that the eternal city of his coming kingdom will be surro...

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Thomas Merton
Thomas Merton, in the quote at the end of this post [go ahead, drop down and read it now], highlights a very simple, yet profound truth. A truth that inevitably flows from the Gospel when we understand it. God is love.
God loves me.
God loves pe...

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Jesus Is Not Santa Claus !Robert Farrar Capon
The words of that dreadful Christmas song sum up perfectly the only kind of messianic behavior the human race, in it’s self-destructive folly, is prepared to accept: ‘He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice; he’s going to find out whose naughty and nice’...

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Book Review: The Bad Habits of Jesus
Title : The Bad Habits of Jesus: showing us the way to live right in a world gone wrong Author : Leonard Sweet (read by Dean Gallagher) Year : 2016 Publisher : oasis audio Media : CD Confession: I like Leonard Sweet. I have read many of his books and heard ...

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film review: Arrival
I went to see Arrival last night. It’s
a thoughtful sci-fi film from Canadian director Denis Villeneuve. It’s a story
about 12 mysterious spacecraft that touch down around the world. An elite team –
led by Colonel Webber (Forest Whitaker), linguist L...

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we also live double lives ~ Walter Brueggemann
Power turns and postures and exhibits. It controls and manages and plots. We participate in it, we benefit from it, we are dazzled by it… and more than a little afraid. Just underneath, all the while… Just underneath dazzling power sits violence and brutali...

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our true home ~Walter Brueggemann
God before and God behind, God for us and God for your own self, Maker of heaven and earth, creator of sea and sky, governor of day and night. We give thanks for your ordered gift of life to us,  for the rhythms that reassure,   for the equilibriums that su...
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