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I'm drooling haha.
I'm from Sumatra, from a town near Padang, and I really miss Nasi Padang. I live in Bandung now, and of course you can find Nasi Padang everywhere here too, but trust me, the taste is different. Still delicious, but different...
The chewy thing you ate at 3:35, yes, it's some mysterious part of cow, LOL. I've never thought it's weird, but of course it is weird, LOL. It's really interesting to know what foreigner think about our dishes.
9:50, it's Jackfruit. Yes, that's Jackfruit Curry. It's a basic in Padang dishes. It's like tomato ketchup on pizza, or pickles in Krabby Patty, LOL. My point is, there will be no Nasi Padang without Gulai Nangka (or Jackfruit Curry). And the seed, we used to boiled it and eat it with some salt, it taste like cassava.
We eat rice with everything. I don't know if you ever went to Indonesian McDonald, but we served McD's fried chicken with rice here. Oh, and Pizza Hut too. They have rice on the menu. Rice with mozarella and tomato ketchup for topping. And it's weird. LOL.
But, thank you so much for try Nasi Padang, eat it with hand and not saying it gross to eat by hand, and for saying you like Nasi Padang. Sorry for the long post. Maybe you're not gonna read it anyway, and you maybe already know all of these fun fact I tried to share, but thank you for saying nice things about my country. I enjoyed your video.
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