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Paul Fry (SST Publications)
Owner of SST Publications. Indie publisher of all things dark.
Owner of SST Publications. Indie publisher of all things dark.

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I’m really happy to announce a surprise ‘In Stock’ sale!

I really need to make some storage space for all the great books I’ll be publishing this year as I’ve seriously run out of room. So, I’m having a surprise 40% DISCOUNT sale. “Yay!” I hear you say. :)

Every IN STOCK title except for: Remarqued Editions and Personally Signed & Inscribed Editions is included in the 40% discount.

Please just enter the following discount code when you checkout:


Now is the perfect time to grab a book you’ve had your eye on for a while but maybe haven’t been able to afford, or if you’d like to treat someone to one of our titles. Take advantage of me, I don’t mind!

But hurry, as the sale code expires on Monday 8th of May.

I really need to make some room for all the new books so buy as many as you like. Thanks so much!

To save you some time so you can get right to spending all your lovely dosh, here’s the link to the News page on the SST site with links for all of the In Stock titles:

Buy as many copies as you like!

Thanks so much, as always, for all of your incredible support!

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Pre-order available now! :)

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We have a brilliant book to announce today which is now available for pre-order.

I’ve been a long-time massive fan of Ray Garton. Ray is one of the two authors who got me into horror books. So, it’s with HUGE pleasure that I can announce that SST is publishing a new Ray Garton Signed Limited Hardcover!


Some claim we are living in the “last days.” Some believe that extraterrestrials have been controlling world events for ages and now, having grown weary of us, are hitting the reset button. Others suspect that a sinister cabal has somehow wrested control from the hands of all the world powers and are steering us toward doom. The only thing everyone agrees on is this:

Something is not right. Something seems to be sucking the hope out of the world.

Hector Graham sees it in the gradual death of his hometown, Seabreeze, where he was born and grew up, where he married and raised a son. He sees it in the arrival at night of strange children who go door to door, demanding to be let inside. For some, the children bear gifts . . . but they come with a terrible price.

Jeff Duggins sees it in the sudden disappearance of an online friend known as Lizard Man. Jeff and his friend Darryl take a road trip to Sacramento to check up on Lizard Man and make sure he’s okay. They are concerned because he’s been making some strange claims about a pet iguana that has grown to enormous size and started to talk . . . and say some scary things.

Ray Garton brings his unique brand of fear to these two novelettes of modern dread in the digital age . . . a time when nothing is as it seems and everyone has a theory about what’s really going on.

The music has begun. It’s time to dance the . . . PARANOIA TANGO.

“The pair of terrific novelettes that comprise Paranoia Tango are vintage Ray Garton! Razor-sharp, thought-provoking, creepy as hell, and populated with three-dimensional characters readers will instantly root for! But don’t get your hopes up too high for these folks—Garton isn’t playing nice in Paranoia Tango, a double-barreled nightmare for this new world we all live in!”
—Richard Chizmar, author of Gwendy’s Button Box (with Stephen King) and A Long December

“The Paranoia Tango is a pair of dark, twisted tales that drag you into the twisted depths of human susceptibility, the nagging lizard-brain that tells us that everything isn’t what it seems, and what lies behind it all is much, much worse. Ray Garton’s gripping, visceral stories will tie you in knots and leave you yearning for another dance.”
—Patrick Freivald, author of Jade Sky, Black Tide & Jade Gods

We are publishing this excellent book in two Limited Edition Hardcover states:

A 250-copy Signed & Numbered Limited Hardcover edition and,

A 52-copy Signed & Lettered Remarqued Limited Hardcover edition. Each copy of the Lettered Remarqued edition comes with an original remarque by Glenn Chadbourne making each copy of the book a very unique collectable. (When you purchase the Lettered edition direct from SST you will receive an exclusive SST bookmark SIGNED by Ray Garton!)

This book promises to be a beautiful edition. Especially with the fantastic cover and interior art by the incredible Vincent Sammy. I really can’t wait for you to see this one.

Please read more and pre-order your copy today direct from SST:

Huge thank you, as always, for all of your incredible support!

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It's #NationalLibraryWeek and I'm honored that all of my novels are on the shelves of the Nashville Public Library. #DontStandSoClose #TheGunsOfSantaSangre #ItWaitsBelow #WhiteKnuckle #EricRed

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Contact: Paul Fry


BIRMINGHAM, UK, APRIL 3, 2017 - Short, Scary Tales Publications (SST Publications) owner, Paul Fry is seriously happy to be able to announce that IDW is publishing the first ever Hap and Leonard graphic novel. HAP AND LEONARD: SAVAGE SEASON will be published on the 5th of September 2017 as a full colour, 128-page trade paperback. The book is available now for pre-order from your favourite comic/book store.

We’re also really happy to announce that SST will publish a Signed & Numbered Oversized Deluxe Limited Hardcover edition in October 2017. The signed limited edition will be a deluxe full colour, 140-page (approx.) hardcover and include an exclusive Sketchbook Section. It will be limited to only 270 copies worldwide and be signed by Joe R. Lansdale and Jussi Piironen. The signed limited hardcover is now available for pre-order direct from SST Publications:

SST Publisher Paul Fry says: “We’re so delighted that IDW is publishing HAP AND LEONARD: SAVAGE SEASON. IDW is one of the biggest comic/graphic novel publishers around and with their very high-quality books and huge distribution this really is the best thing for our graphic novel. We’re so excited to be working with them and know they will do great things for the book. We’re also really happy to be able to announce that our Signed & Numbered Oversized Deluxe Limited Hardcover edition is now available for pre-order. We can’t wait for Hap and Leonard fans to finally be able to see the book, they’re really going to love it!”

About the Author: “Joe R. Lansdale is the author of over forty novels and several hundred short pieces, fiction and non-fiction. He has received numerous awards, among them The Edgar, 10 Bram Stokers, one of them for Lifetime Achievement, and he has also received the Horror Writers Association Grandmaster Award. He has also been awarded The British Fantasy Award, The Herodotus, Inkpot, Lifetime Achievement Award, Grinzani Prize, The Golden Lion Award, The Spur Award for his novel PARADISE SKY, and many others. His writing has been made into several films, including BUBBA HO-TEP, COLD IN JULY, CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEAD, as well as TV episodes like INCIDENT ON AND OFF A MOUNTAIN ROAD for Showtime’s MASTERS OF HORROR, and the HAP AND LEONARD series based on his series characters. Currently in progress are THE BOTTOMS, to be directed by Bill Paxton, THE THICKET, to star Peter Dinklage, as well as others. He is a member of The Texas Institute of Letters, and has been inducted into the Texas Literary Hall of Fame, and is in The United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is writer in residence at Stephen. F. Austin University. He and his wife, Karen, live in Nacogdoches, Texas.”

About the Artist: “Jussi Piironen is an artist and graphic designer from Finland. His previous works include writing and drawing the long-running, Germany-based series JERRY COTTON and Finland’s most famous anti-hero RAID. Find him online at and

About the Publisher: “SST Publications is an independent publisher of all things dark. They have published several books; the first title, COLD STORAGE includes an introduction by legendary author Graham Masterton. Their most recent books include the erotic horror anthology PEEP SHOW, VOLUME 2 and the debut dark, thriller novel DON’T STAND SO CLOSE by screenwriter/director Eric Red. They also published the classic erotic horror magazine PEEP SHOW, and have recently launched a new horror fiction & dark art magazine BEWARE THE DARK, which is a unique size (7.44 x 9.69 in), full-colour, high-quality produced mag of between 100-130 pages bringing you the best dark and disturbing fiction and artwork. SST has also launched a new Art Book Series and will publish some of the best artists in the genre. The first title VEINS AND SKULLS is by award-winning professional illustrator Daniele Serra. SST owner Paul Fry has recently acquired the exclusive comic/graphic novel rights to Joe R. Lansdale’s entire ‘Hap and Leonard’ series of dark crime books, Richard Laymon’s classic horror novel THE CELLAR, and has signed a three-book deal with Cemetery Dance Publications owner Richard Chizmar, and a five-book deal with multi-award winning author Ed Gorman. Paul has also recently signed a three-book deal with legend Clive Barker. SST publishes their titles in multiple formats which are distributed worldwide by Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor.”

SST Publications
15 North Roundhay
B33 9PE


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THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE: Unsigned Copies Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that the Unsigned copies of Eric Red’s THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE are now available in Trade Hardcover, Trade Paperback and eBook formats.

The Signed & Lined Trade Hardcovers are still at the printer and will be shipped the minute we receive them. Thanks so much for your patience.

Read more and purchase your copy today:

PS – Something HUGE is coming this Monday (April 3rd)! Keep your eye out! :)

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SST Publications has announced our art book--it's available at the link below for pre-order. Scott Thomas, acclaimed author of ghostly tales and fantasy works, and an artist himself, has written the introduction. Stop by the SST Publications website and take a look--there are now five books in this Art Book series!
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