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Craving simplicity, finding it nowhere.
Craving simplicity, finding it nowhere.

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Introducing Material Design Lite - Material Design components & templates in vanilla CSS, HTML & JavaScript 

We're now live at

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Thank goodness this is finally public so everyone can share in the nightmarescapes AIs dream up.

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It's impossible for me to watch my own talk at +droidcon Berlin​ about #GooglePlayGames but maybe you are interested in an introduction into this great SDK for games.


PS: Yes the cover slide is wrong because I had two talks. D'oh.

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Regular Friday night with +Sebastian Mauer: Sitting in a hotel room, repurposing a Nexus 7 as a generic USB HID keyboard, abusing the hotel TV as a computer screen and trying to install Ubuntu on proprietary hardware. #macgyver
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Hi Dartisans, I'm happy to announce a sneak preview of Material Design Lite (MDL) for Dart:

A Google Team is working on the MDL-JS version and they asked me if I wanted to make the Dart port - I took the challenge.

Here are some of the main features:
- Design specs checked by Google. MDL will be THE reference implementation of Material Design for the Web
- Component based (Check out the Spinner sample and you'll see what I mean)
- No need for polyfills  
- Components are really easy to write. You can define your own public functions for a component
- SCSS/CSS structure is very clear, also component based. But if you don't want to use SCSS you don't have to.
- Over 340 CSS's are precompiled for you: (material.min.css has ~180K)
- With a Theme you not just get a color theme you get the full MDL-Componentstack too

Extras in the Dart version:
- SPA (Single Page Application) works out the the box
The Styleguide, for example, is build as SPA (loads it's views dynamically), here is another sample for dynamic loading:

- Routing integrated
You can define  your own Controller for each route

- Databinding - not as "automatic" as with Polymer or Angular but still easy enough. Each component has its own Data model. You can define public functions to modify the data model. Streams for Event communication are also easy to implement.

- A second way to write MDL Components
Mustache can be used as a template language - The ToDo component uses Mustache.
Mustache template inside of MDL-Component:
    <input type="checkbox" id="check{{id}}" class="mdl-checkbox__input" checked data-mdl-click="check({{id}})"/>
    <input type="checkbox" id="check{{id}}" class="mdl-checkbox__input" data-mdl-click="check({{id}})"/>

data-mdl-click="check({{id}})" - works!!! The scope is your component.

- main.dart.js for styleguide has about 400K. Should be OK too.
This was just an overview...
The only thing I'm not allowed to at the moment, is to give you access to the source code.

Private REPO for MDL/Dart:

Googles private REPO for MDL:

Be aware: This is not even beta. The MDL/JS version is also under heavy dev...

It would be cool if I could get some help from you! 
(You have to sign a NDA before... but this is not a big thing)

Feedback is welcome!

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Finally! The talk I gave at +DevFest Berlin 2014 is online. It’s about Code Generation in Go (and how you can use THAT instead of generics).

It’s also a little out-dated by now since we got `go generate` in Go 1.4.

#gde   #golang   #techtalk  

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I just announced the next +GDG Berlin Golang meetup on January 29th, when +Francesc Campoy Flores will be visiting us. Go RSVP now!

In the description, I also casually announced that I have been hired by Google and will be starting to work in London in early March as a Developer Programs Engineer alongside my old colleague +Benjamin Weiss. The consequences are manifold: I will not be eligible to be a GDE, I can’t work for my Co-Organzier and long-time boss +David Lehmann but most crucial of all: I can’t continue to be a proper organizer of the +GDG Berlin Golang. #sadpanda  

However, this is a huge opportunity for me personally and I hope I can use it to do great things one way or another. Maybe, at some point, I can share some of the metaphorical cake with the Berlin community, that, if I’m being honest, is the sole reason I got this far in the first place.

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10/10 would orga again.

Seriously, though: Can’t describe how much these guys rock; how much work they did when I couldn’t manage to do mine and how unbelievably uncomplicated and relaxed the #DevFest  itself was with them. Looking forward to next year already.

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So many awesome pictures. Including my distorted face...
#DevFestBerlin 2014 in pictures

A picture can tell a 1000 words but being actually part of such an event can't be expressed in 1000 pictures. Still, for everyone who couldn't take part in our great event last week here are a few action shots.

We had much fun this year and we hope to welcome you next year, too.

A proper summary post is in the works but enjoy the pictures for now.

Photos by bemoody
DevFest Berlin 2014
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