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Expo Veneto
Company Network to promote excellence in Venice Region
Company Network to promote excellence in Venice Region


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This story begins with the death of Count Giovanni the last descendant of a noble Venetian family, who in 1868 bequeaths the entire estate to the city: the movable and immovable property, the art and book collections , so that they become for public use, and so giving life to the Fondazione Querini Stampalia #Venice   .
The House Museum (one of the best preserved in #Europe) supports the works by Giovanni Bellini, Pietro Longhi and Giambattista Tiepolo at stories of taste, tradition and culture that reflect life in Venice: a unique city.
Check out the event on the portal #ExpoVeneto  .it: 
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#ExpoVeneto  : Great succes at Vicenza for our ROADSHOWS’ second stop
After the public presentation thats been held on the 31st of October at Mestre, with the presence of all the signatories of the events’ protocol, today in Vicenza the second stage of the road show presentation of the portal Expo Veneto was held, set up to share the project with the various parts of the world and regional production with Enterprise. was held today in Vicenza
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Encourage the spread of knowledge of the product, the typicalness of the natural environment and agriculture, the irreplaceable importance of the human factor and popular traditions that underlie the unique manufacturing process and matchlessness: this is the ambitious mission of the Consorzio radicchio di Treviso e Variegato di Castelfranco #Igp which has joined #ExpoVeneto   Project.

Scopri il Consorzio su
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Follow @expoveneto on Twitter..
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#ExpoVeneto   : History and Technology in Torcello  ( #Venice )
Open, please; and put every single volume with simple movements in the air.
Discover the gems owned by the museum through holographic three-dimensional illustrations.
View the three routes: the island, the monumental complex of the square and the exhibition of the museum through interactive touch screens.
Sign in Augmented Reality solutions that enable the visualization of three-dimensional reconstructions.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the date of the first inauguration on May 14, 1889, the Provincial Museum of Torcello presents to the public the new interactive virtual tours to discover the magnificent collections thanks to the technologies of the third millennium.

Check out the dates and the program of the event:

The event is sponsored by the Province of #Venezia and belongs to the path "museums and galleries" portal ExpoVeneto the link:
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#ExpoVeneto  amongst #art and #gastronomy  
Two-day event to discover the secret Verona: the Roman one, the medieval (visit to the city of Soave) and that of the Austrian fortifications; for two days of #culture  , art, #food  and music in a unique setting as the Arena of Verona.

Check out the full program of the event, guided tours and the routes at:

The event is sponsored by 'Hotel Bareta and belongs to the path " “from ExpoVeneto’s portal at the following link:
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ROADSHOW #ExpoVeneto  : First stop in #Verona  
The impressions, the images and messages of the participants at the first stage of the road show to present the project Expo Veneto
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#ExpoVeneto   and Traditions

To the discovery of Venetian traditions: on one hand through the museum of arts and crafts, including collector's items and past memories of our territory, and the other to a delicious lunch in which the mushrooms, porcini mushrooms above all, will be the undisputed protagonists of the table.
Find out where the event will be organized by the Museum Emporio Osteria Robevecie, all the details and the full menu on the portal ExpoVeneto:

The old Venetian history and taste of Italian life in the Residential Courses of Traditional Cooking of Venice. The Ancient recipes will be taught of Goldoni in the Venetian Villa, where he founded the first school of theater in the world and there are excursions to learn about the artistic excellences of the Veneto.
Check out the dates and procedures for participation in the event organized by Venetian Villas & Castles on the portal ExpoVeneto:

These and other events belong to the path "tasting" at:
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Processed according to the methods of traditional craftsmanship, characterized by pale pink color and sweet taste, Prosciutto Veneto Berico Euganeo #DOP will be the protagonist of a tasty demonstration and tasting sessions in one of the most beautiful walled cities of #Veneto ..

Do you understand what city we are talking about?
Find out in the portal ExpoVeneto in the path "Meat and Charcuterie"  
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Journey from Verona and cross the hills that surround the historical center, passing enchanting landscapes, through this #Wine   Tasting tour in Valpolicella’s cellars..

Whether it’s you or a typical local wines’ fan, like the #Amarone   , #Valpolicella  , or #Recioto  , or whether you just want to visit a splendid antique villa, current headquarters of one of the most important wineries in the Valpolicella, find out how to participate in this magical event inserted in the path "tasting, food and wine" on #ExpoVeneto  ’s portal:
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