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Christianity, Android, The Hobbit, Humor, Technology, AWANA
Christianity, Android, The Hobbit, Humor, Technology, AWANA


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We Shall Have Spring Again
Notice the rainbow?

#DMJphotography   #CanonT3i   #Canon   #photography   #250mm   #flowers   #CanonPhotography  

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No matter what I do in life, I'll probably never be as cool as these guys:

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I went hiking at the Devil's Backbone in Loveland, Colorado! Here's a view from a spot on the trail called "The Keyhole."

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"You gave a song for our souls to sing
And Your life was the offering
Even death, it has lost its sting
Now we have forever!

No one, no one can take Your place
No life, no death, can separate
You love, You love has conquered the grave!"

As we ponder this day, Good Friday, I wanted to share this song and this band (I Am They) with y'all; their song have been such a blessing to me for the last two weeks or so since I first heard them. Some of my favorites of their music include "Awake My Love," "From the Day" "Here's My Heart," and "King of Love."

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It's happening! 2 months to go.

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I hope to be like this father someday. In just a few moments, he brought back hope where it had been extinguished, not only for his son, but for all those listening.

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Austin and all the surrounding areas have been heavily impacted by the storms today, with massive flooding going on. Watch this phone interview KVUE news has with a guy who, while in his car, was washed away by the flood. What's incredible is, while they're talking to him on the phone, they realize that's he's sitting 20 feet up a tree after bailing from his car. He says it's like he's in the middle of a lake!

He was eventually rescued after being in the tree for over 4 hours.

(And kudos to the guy for being a Boy Scout!)

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This may be one of The Piano Guys's best songs yet! It's a mix of This Is Your Fight Song and Amazing Grace. Bonus: bagpipes!

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Let me just warn first, I was like, "Cool." But as the video went on, I was gasping and my mouth was wide open in shock. You might not want to watch this if you're eating.

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Tesla just started rolling out a software update to its cars that allows them to autonomously drive themselves (in some situations). Watch this guy's reactions to his first time driving without touching the wheel! I, for one, can't wait till all cars drive autonomously. That'll be the single biggest life-saving change humans have made in forever, as the number of car accidents will drop like crazy.

Note, Google's self driving cars have been doing this for a while, and many other automakers are starting their own implementations as well. Competition is a fantastic thing, in this case!
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