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Angelo Secondini (Cometa)
nothing is forever
nothing is forever

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Primavera Fotografica Ostra 2017

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20 Minuti

Performance di musica, video e poesia
Penelope Crostelli: poesia e performance
Cometa: video e musica
Nella stanza dove scende la notte
La polvere è fitta nei tagli come una forfora
Immersa in una vegetale infelicità
Ma cosciente che il mio ozio non è colpevole
Mentre l’orologio batte lontano colpi languidi
Intravedo da un’angusta fessura la luna
A un palmo dall’orizzonte verso il mare
Schiacciata e sporca come fosse caduta in un fosso
E io mi sento
Sospesa nel vuoto
Come un enorme lampadario
Forma opalescente pigra minacciosa
Sotto di essa l’acqua riflette un pallido chiarore ondulato
La prova più viva della mia presenza

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Je me dépose (10)
Je me dépose Comme une rose Sur ton épaule Que je frôle Je me dépose Comme une rose Sur ton épaule Que je frôle C’est une première Mon respire s’essouffle Le tien me gonfle Grogne dans ma bouche Ce n’est pas la dernière J’entre dans ton gouffre C’est une première J’enfante un printemps Une première Pour une éternité Pour un univers sellé Je me dépose Comme une rose Sur ton épaule Que je frôle Je me dépose Comme une rose Sur ton épaule Que je frôle Réjean Desrosiers ( Réj Rosiers )

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On ne peut dissocier la musique de la voix, sinon plus rien n'a de sens. Mais quel sens donner à ces musiques ? Curieuses, intrigantes, planantes, obsédantes, elles vous harcèlent tout au long de l'album. La voix est très belle, très suggestive et sensuelle. Merci pour la recommandation, c'est un superbe album.

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Is music a suggestion of life or a complicate affair?
There isn't only one way, no ways exist.

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A gorgeous cacophany of voices cascade into your ears, then the track comes into play to find an equilibrium that echoes its fortitude in the face of adversity, Changeless it is. The Circus Around Us beats resonating beautifully, then the progressive minimalism comes into play. I like to call it complex. But then, so is the circus. Nice track, vocals mimimalist as well, which is cool with me (as usual). Maybe that's AKheon's 'lush'. And, so it dissipates and minimalises the minimalism, then a reprise which was a surprise!) Krautrock tingles the senses and teases you into liking it, then it brings you the rock in its diminuitive form and it works really well, taking the essence of form and stretching it out to its' maximum tolerance. Nice ending. An Ocean Of Words (OK sometimes my 'reviews' get a bit out of hand, j'accuse...) is like a long goodbye, a plaintive yearning for epiphany even. Quite insubstantial but disproportionately effective. Good sound management. Across The Water. Here, in England everything seems to be about being 'across the water', but being on an island is an advantage sometimes and water can be so temperamental around our coasts. The track is nice and buoyant, lush indeed!) Then there is the eponymous title track, You Are My Sad Love. It is really nice, like bisexualism in binary. Quaintly plaintive. Puppy dog eyes, done well:-) I've Been Here Before comes back with firm assertiveness, some of us have indeed and so will continually, and even if it produces such beautiful music as cometa does, then it would have been worth it surely. It has a very good atmosphere from what seems to be so little when you try to examine it. Subatomic minimalism, that will be the next genre. Disappear seems quite sinister but in such a disarming manner, it's not quite clear what the mood seems to connotate, if anything. It is very calm, perhaps in the sense of a lucid confirmation, a resolution to do just that. You, or do you mean me. A miniscule fanfare to being who you are, in whatever configuration, a tribute to the self and a good album. Thanks for sharing the moments.

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The title implies repetition in itself, I think. Life is mostly repetitious, with the odd scattering of chaos to throw the proverbial spanner into the works. Cells, the basis of our existence are full of repeated tasks that they need to maintain in order to survive. Molecular existence must be boring! Or, is it? That music should be perceived as repetitive, as you say, might be the whole point. I love listening between the notes and beats as much as I like reading between the lines. Cometa are one of my favourites so, I'm inherently biased but this is an interesting side-project and very good mood food, with its simple, straightforward minimalist electro sound (which I happen to love anyway). I can remember listening to vinyl records and the surface scratches, which were inevitable to various degrees, became part of the music. The allocative form has to have inherent flaws because that is the way of the nature of communication. Music, and other creative artforms, sometimes take this into consideration, and I generally find them more amenable as a result. A kind of 'warts and all' perspective in judgement. All my rambling aside, this is a thoroughly enjoyable and pleasant album. Lovely creativity here and, hopefully in the next life too!-)

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Non è il primo lavoro di Angelo che recensisco, e con ogni probabilità non sarà l'ultimo. C'è, in tutti i suoi lavori, un respiro comune che supera le diversità. Credo si tratti di una disciplina, di una coerenza stilistica, di un'adesione a canoni di principio (forse umani oltre che musicali) che soggiacciono al suo modo di interpretare l'atto compositivo, quand'anche esso si presenti di volta in volta tecnicamente sfaccettato e comunque vario negli intendimenti. Così anche in questi due lunghi brani, significativamente diversi tra loro (più morbido e "facile" il primo; più frammentato, duro e rapsodico l'altro) si sente una stessa aria, s'intuisce una stessa "filosofia" musicale. Il frutto ipnotizza e trattiene, allontanando dalle ciarle e costruendo cellula dopo cellula un "eidos" sonoro ed etico insieme, concretizzato in pochi elementi che obbligano alla lentezza, all'esercizio della riflessione, alla fuga dalle idiozie.
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