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Great cake :-)
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Global Recipes and Tasty Ideas

Delishhh is a food blog written by Ewa [eva] who was born in Sweden, raised in Asia and now lives in the Seattle, WA, United States. She has a passion for international flavor and all things related to food. She enjoys sharing her recipes and her evolving fascination with the global artistry of culinary delights.

She believes in 100% Organic foods and GMO Free.  She is a bid advocate for GMO labeling and that people should know what is in their food.

Nothing makes her happier than hearing from folks about her recipes.  Being a native of Sweden, she always bring a sense of Swedish to everything she does.  She can’t help it, it’s part of her DNA.

To expand her blog and her passion for Scandinavian flair she also has an on-line boutique where she sells timeless, edgy, unique and handpicked products – Splendid Avenue.

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Lemon Yogurt Cake

This lemon yogurt cake is fantastic. If you like a light lemony and so moist dessert this one is for you. I made this for a party and the wh

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Chocolate Kahlua Mousse

Love mousse, but real mouse is made with raw eggs but many will not eat it because for raw egg. Today there are many other ways of making mo

French Vanilla Mocha

I have a confession to make – i do not like coffee. Yep, i do not drink coffee in the morning, i drink tea. I am probably one of the few peo

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Creamy Cucumber Salad with Dill: Delishhh

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stuffed chanterelles

Like any true Swede I go bananas this time of the year and just want to spend hours of valuable time hunting for yellow, heavenly tasting ch

Pasta with Marinated Cherry Tomatoes

adapted from Martha Stewart Living magazine

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Blueberry Pie - Delishhh

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