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Setting idea: hardened soldiers are forced to pair with adolescent parasites to save the Earth from an alien invasion.

One part Power Rangers, one part Pacific Rim, another part Ender's Game

13th Age Delves

IMO, one of the most overlooked and undervalued 4e products was the Dungeon Delve. As a GM, I loved having sample encounters built around a specific map tied to a range of levels. It helped learn to create encounters and helped me out in a pinch when I didn't have as much prep time as I needed.

So my idea is a 13th Age-style dungeon delve type product. Build groups of pirates, assassins, cultists, guards. All reskinned, grouped together, and built for a specific level of challenge.

Would anyone else find this helpful/useful?

The 13 Seas - The Dragon Moons

Had an interesting idea crop up during setting creation of my 13 Seas campaign. We decided that the world would have multiple moons, on a world of islands this would cause extreme weather, devastating tides, and shifts in landmasses.

We also liked the idea of whichever moon was in ascendance having a meaning for the world's inhabitants (i.e. Elder Scrolls "born under the sign of the..."). We then concluded that each moon was uniquely tied to one of the Great Dragons and to a certain characteristics. It ended up getting broken down as such:

The Huntress Moon, tied to The Green: growth
The Soldier Moon, tied to the Red: conflict
The Traveler Moon, tied to the Blue: change
The Shadow Moon, tied to the Black: decay/ruin
The True Moon, tied to the White: freedom
The Sun, tied to the Great Gold Wyrm: creation

We had the idea that when the White was killed, the True Moon was destroyed. This caused imbalance and threw the world even more into chaos. It is said that no new elves have been born since the True Moon vanished, which may explain why the Elf Queen has kidnapped the Green: an attempt to reverse the infertility. 

The 13 Seas update

So my 13 Seas setting met with my players and here are the results:

Reskinned most of the races. We were pretty tired of the standard options. Changing things up really helped the world come alive.

Humans: pretty much the same.
Elves: one race, long-lived with very rare; astrologers and shipwrights.
Uro (reskinned Dwarves): salamander people known for metal and mining
Ronso (reskinned half-orcs): Horned felinoids; basically Vikings
Aquarians (reskinned half-elfs): merfolk; mystics and craftsmen, caste system
Kenku (reskinned halflings): nomadic and flighty; culture based around wordplay and storytelling
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